Thursday, 17 September 2009

washing-up liquid and herbs/tea rinses

I read on a loc forum about using washing up liquid to get rid of dull looking locs. So I told Arashia to use it at her next wash as her locs looked a little dull. She did and was astounded at the colour of the water! Murky brown! She's used it 2x and her locs look quite refreshed. Well I washed my locs today. I rubbed in some Selsun shampoo and dr bronners tea tree soap on the nape that was itchy and let it sit. Then did a 1st wash with diluted washing up liquid concentrating mainly on the locs (not the scalp). Then, a 2nd wash with nutrient shampoo all over.I rinsed,rinsed rinsed and rinsed and rinsed. And then rinsed some more. B'cos I realise build-up is often due to not rinsing properly or long enough. (I've devised a method of rinsing if you dont have an adequate or strong enough shower head. Fill a bucket with warm water. Then dunk your head in(avoid your ears LOL), and swish your head from side to side and up and down. It's pretty good and worked well when I did my henna).
I'd made some black tea/green tea/nettle/horsetail/rosemary rinse by simmering the ingredients on the cooker. I let it cool and added a dash of vinegar. So that's what I used as a conditioning rinse.
NOTE: washing up liquid get's rid of severe build-up. You may have to use it a few times, but it works. It may be a good idea to follow with diluted conditioner. Some Veteran lockers suggest incoperating it in your hair regime eg use 1x2-3mths to prevent/remove product and imbedded/trapped dirt from your locs. It works because it's designed to cut through grease and the like.


msfullroller said...

Since I've tried it I'm gonna incorporate it into my routine. I'm thinking weekly wash with Suave clarfiying since I went and bought some and it's not as stripping as Dawn and every 6 months do the deep clarifying with Dawn. I've also started doing very long rinses in the shower as the water is running through the locs I'm squeezing my locs until the water runs clear while I'm squeezing. They feel sooo much better.

Thanks for the conditioner rinse recipe. I may try it.

Kittylocks said...

Hi thanks for the tips. I shall give them a try especially the washing up liquid. I have never heard this before. KittyLocks

anthia-ofo said...

Msfullroller I swear by prolonged rinses, and I think 1x 2-3 months is enough with the washing up liquid.
Kittylocs you're welcome.