Monday, 28 February 2011

Travelling tomorrow....

Will try to make a post from Ghana. Till then, see you.

Friday, 25 February 2011

...and what is the world coming to?

LONDON COOING OVER BREASTMILK ICECREAM - this was a headline on Yahoo news.
the icecream costs £14.00, from breastmilk donated by 15 women. Apparently it sold out within the week it was launched. Where are we headed I wonder? When you think about it, we do drink the milk of other creatures, but human milk for full grown adults? isn't that exclusively reserved for infants? Hope they don't start kebabing human flesh next Lol. Also some women might see it as a money making thing and start ignoring their infant in order to sell every last ounce of the golden liquid. What do you think? Is this taking things too far? Would you eat it this ice cream?

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

preparing to travel to Ghana

We are going to Ghana in a few days for 3 weeks. Before I go any further, I want to give glory to God. He gave me me and my 5 kids the tickets. Last May/June we talked about going to see my ageing parents. Especially bc my mum has been ill and I really wanted her to see my kids again. I got in real earnest about this and we held hands and asked our father in heaven. Towards the end of this year, things looked pretty grim with DH getting ill and no income. He needed round the clock care. I couldn't even see how I could go even if the money was there. God re-assured me that we were on track for Ghana and not to look at my circumstances. We got through christmas by faith. I would gather the kids together every now and again to thank him for his goodness and for our trip(even though there was nothing to show that we were going!) infact DH tried to reason with me to give up this wild idea of taking them all with me cos it's 1000s of £££...but I had heard from God and that was good enough for me. NOTE: The financial situation was, even if I was going on my own - which I do every year - it was going to be a stretch. Taking 5 was def beyond natural ability for the present. We were into January and time was running out. I had to plan the trip around their GCSE exams and there was only a certain window in which we could go. We began to plan for the trip anyway, buying what was needed to go. SUDDENLY, our tickets came! It happened so very naturally that you can miss the fact that it was actually supernatural. They came via DH's uncle. He paid for the lot - just for me. We began to thank the Lord for spending money. A large sum of money was given me from a totally unexpected source and God says there's still some more to come before we leave.
I'm sharing all this to say:
Mark 11:22-24 '...when you pray believe that you recieve it and you shall have it..'
Let's stretch our faith to believe in a God who is full of loving kindness and tender mercies. This was not a life and death matter. He did it just so I can be happy. He knew how much it meant to me. If he took care of this, will he not also take care of all other situations that I have laid at his feet?

Half a century Young!

Today is my birthday. I'm only 50 yrs old today. It's a milestone I intend to mark in some special way. For today I really didn't do much. I got a call from my dear sis-in-law from Ghana and various texts and card from friends. My daughter(no. 2) sneaked into my room with a card and present. Later we went shopping together. I'd been eyeing this handbag, so I got it. Found a dress from the market and bought that too heehee. Sulupops bought some clothes. We went and had a subway sandwich(with my daughter saying 'I can't believe you're having a subway for your birthday') Well how for do? I was hungry. So that's it. Nothing special. But me and God had a nice conversation this morning. And...the best is yet to come.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

BLISS! Odour free locs....and braiding/banding again.

braiding and banding before shampooing to keep my locs from slipping.

I did another intensive wash today. This time I put 1 tsp baking soda in my aubrey organics Green tea clarifying shampoo. I diluted with water and dunked my locs in it, squeezing the mixture through my locs in a bowl. The water was pretty murky. Then I did a second wash with BIG from LUSH. Which brings me to this shampoo BIG. It's a clarifying shampoo and these are some of the ingredients: coarse sea salt, sodium laureth sulphate,orgarnic lemon infusion,sea water,seaweed infusion, organic lime juice,extra virgin coconut oil,neroli oil,mandarin oil,vanilla absolute,orange flower absolute. You can see why I overlooked the sls in it cos the rest of the ingredients and the SMELL are simply divine. My solution to negate sls effects is to dilute dilute dilute! The thing with this shampoo is, you need very little. It lathers very well and leaves your locs SUPERCLEAN! I'm not kidding. The smell lingers for ages. If you need a clarifying, try BIG from lush. Oh, I poured some diluted listerine on my scalp and waited 5 min before 1st wash.

Believe it or not, I've gone back to braiding and banding. I don't know if my texture has changed yet again and my hair is slipping, or my hair is growing super fast. I've had so much growth and loose hairs to tighten so there you have it.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Beautiful Young African Naturals-with locs!

Check them out!! They're cousins. Daughter's of Amba and Ama consultant and trainee. I thought this pic says it all for natural hair and locs. Miss Koo (far right) has Sls too, put into a real girlie style with barretts. It just shows locs are ok for young uns. You can leave it be or you can style it. Little girl styles? No problem.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

3yrs old and I completely forgot!

My 3 yr locversary was on the 25th jan and I didn't even realise it until a few days ago. I need to do another clarifying wash. The smells 80% gone, but there's a slight lingering odour so I will press on . Here's to a glass of wine, some girlie stuff and relaxation to celebrate a belated loc b'day.