Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A very interesting find and My 5yrs 9 month old locs !

Hi all. First off... do people actually STILL read blogs-I mean hair/loc blogs? Ok you do? Cool. MAGIC HAIR ROLLERS: I found these in the £1 shop. They are like soft spike curlers and work along the same principles. It has a zigzag loop in the centre where you pull your hair through to roll it. Then there's a gap at the head to pull the tail through. Neat eh? At £1 per pack (6 in a pack) you can't go wrong. I bought only 2 packs because I already have soft spikes in the very same size and colour as Magic hair rollers. So if you've always wanted to try soft spikes and didn't get them, hurry to the pound shop and get these before they run out! It's great to see the things that appear in the £1 shop of all places.

Here are some pictures of my locs at 5 yrs 9months. Many have been combined. So many that I'm very surprised that it still looks like sisterlocks. Amazing. My retights are now once every 3-4 months. I gave up retightening the top and crown of my head. It seems to be doing better just left alone. I do brush my scalp. Productwise I use very little. I wash with knotty boy liquid dread shampoo. It does not lather, but get's the job done. No sodium whatever sulfates and contains essential oils instead. I rub either sesame oil(not the cooking sesame oil) or coconut oil into my locs when it's still damp. That's it. My scalp and oil don't seem to be friends so I leave well alone.