Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Locs,Locs, and more beautiful locs

The lovely J with her amazing locs. Go ahead and feast your eyes on a combination thick hair+Lush locs.

Anne's new set. Started by single twist and maintained by twisting/palmrolling. It look so full- I love it!
Seiwa's braidlocks. She's got a zillion of them. What's interesting about these locs is....they are palmrolled!! Yes, I said palmrolled. No tool is touching her head. I've always heard you shouldn't palmroll micro locs...

Well, she get's them done somewhere in brixton, in record time I might add. I confess that this discovery influenced me to kinda twist my own locs at the crown intead of using the tool.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Loc progress

These are pics of A's and my locs. Hers will be 5yrs in Feb. Mine will be 4 in Jan. SHE DOES NOT HAVE SISTERLOCKS. SHE HAS tWIST-LOCS . See how they grow.

Below : M on her way to her friend's wedding.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The earrings...

I was rushing out. 2 minutes to spare... I grabbed a pair of earrings, put them on and ran out the door. I dropped Daws at the tutors went shopping, came back to have a long discussion with the tutor. I went to various places driving here there and everywhere... Finally it was time to go home. Getting ready to go to bed, Mer wanted to tell me what God was teaching her. *Sigh* I was tired but I knew I had to listen. Suddenly she's staring hard at me. 'Mum' she says'why are you wearing different earrings?' 'Am I?' I said faintly, remembering all the funny looks I had had through the day. I thought I'd detected a slightly odd look even on the tutor's face. Oh well...it was time to go to bed.