Saturday, 28 August 2010

Locked? You can still braid your hair!

Sorry about this strange pic, but it's my attempt to highlight my braided locs framing my face. My hair isn't actually this grey. I found this coconut oil in Superdrug. It's very cheap and suprisingly good. Smells lovely too.

I braided these up in 10mins. I was in a hurry and didn't have time to section them properly. You can do them smaller. But you can wear them out if they are small enough.

I used this hairband/half-scarf - to go out. Nobody gave me the side-eye.

Back view. I held it in a ponytail. The ends were dripping wet.

Friday, 27 August 2010

partly retightened locs

These are my specs. Hopefully it's only temporary hehehe...


That's what my husband said while I was retightening my locs and chatting with him. He kept staring at me. Finally I looked up and saw him smiling 'I'm so glad you've now got HAPPY HAIR' he says. Suddenly DIY-ing does not seem such a chore after all, I've got HAPPY hair y'all!!!
This is the average
size of my locs (on your right). A few are thin like the above and most are this size. I also have some double the medium size. What you see on the right is the size I'm happiest with and I wish ALL my locs were that size. I find I have some too thin and some too thick. And I'm not a perfectionist.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Retightening again!

I've just began to retighten my locs. I really wish someone would do it for me. I even went on the SL website and found someone (a guy) quite close to me and emailed him. But I've had to fork out £120 for varifocals, £60 for some supplements another £40 for an extra pair of specs £25 on some hair stuff erm you can see I didn't fancy spending£50 or £60 on getting my hair done so I'm sitting here plodding on. It's times like this that I'm really thankful not to have a huge number of locs. I really understand those who combine their locs from 500 to 300 etc I mean sometimes I think 'you've got som much hair so many locs why are you doing this' then I realise of course they've got their reasons and I may just do the same in their place much as I am enamoured of 400+ locs. I have done 1/4 of my locs. Tomorrow, I'll do the next 1/4 and so on, so hopefully it should take another 3 days. Still I am so blessed and I know my heavenly father will provide abundantly for me. This is all temporary. there's plenty of money in the pipeline....
I've begun a Bible course which I find really exciting. I just completed the 1st module and did the test today. God spoke to me quite clearly that I was to do this course and was confirmed by 2 different people. There are other things he has spoken to me about, but i'll hold those thoughts for the time being. I hope to reveal some VERY soon LOL. My relationship with God has taken another turn, and I've become more intimate with my heavenly father. I am so overwhelmed that God takes me into his confidence. If you don't know Jesus as your Lrd and saviour, or if your relationship's gone stale, ask the Holy spirit to refresh you, and start reading the word with fresh eyes! It's the greatest LOVE story!!!
Till next time......

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

OIL treatment for alopecia and hairloss

We were discussing cinnamon oil for hairloss on nappturality. I did a search and found this Oil blend which must be GENTLY rubbed in the scalp 1xday. Pay attention to bald areas, but rub throughout the scalp.
3 drops rosemary
4 drops geranium
4 drops lavender
1 drop frankincense
4 drops cypress
2 drops cinnamon
2 drops juniper
Take 1 drop ONLY,massage before bed. Dispense 1 drop on a fingertip and rub fingertips together to spread it and massage in everyday without skipping even 1 day! Pay special attn to bald areas, but rub throughout the scalp. This is the only eo blend used neat so be on the lookout for any skin irritation and cease immediately if this occurs.

I do not have all the EOs so I modifiy my blend, by substituting cypress with peppermint, juniper with thyme, geranium with orange. I also added 4 drops vit E oil as I was hesitant to use neat. My intention is to acquire the missing oils and follow this to the letter. But y'all know how expensive EOs are.
I know someone on NP is mixing cinnamon oil with Jamaican black castor oil and starting to see results, so it's worth a try.
Massage is good for the scalp. Also, you can grab handfuls of hair and gently tug after you massage to stimulate growth.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

NIGHTMARE at watford general hospital!

I would never have believed what I'm about to relate if it hadn't happened to me! I had a problem with my eye and went to the GP. He referred me (with a letter)to the eye clinic at watford as an emergency. I arrived at 11.30 am, only to be told they were not seeing anymore patients and I should come back at 1.30. I had been told to make sure someone brought me as the drops they put in your eyes make it impossible to drive, so my father-in-law took me. We had 2 hrs to kill and went to Tescos for a quick bite. I returned at 1 p.m.leaving grandpa to go wander around somewhere for an hour or 2...or so I thought. There was a small queue so I joined it, taking turns with an old lady standing/sitting so we could keep out place. The Poor old folks, they were suffering standing for so long. The queue lengthened rapidly and after 45 min the 'Hatch' opened and the receptionist started to book people in. At this point, an irate woman went and had a go at receptionist whereupon, said receptionist took her bag and rushed out never to be seen again - leaving us stranded!!! 30 mins later another lady came and started checking us in. She spent 10 min per person. I was number 5 and eventually my turn arrived. I was asked by a nurse to read some letters and sent to sit with the others in a corridor to wait for the eye dr. 40 mins passed. A girl, on the verge of tears, whose brother had obviously had some serious eye injury, began to question whenther there was a dr around. A consultant came out and told the family to go to some eye clinic somewhere. They left! A couple of other people had gone too, leaving just 6 of us sitting there. The nurse came up and announced that no eye dr had turned up and we(the emergency patients) should travel at our own expense to an eye clinic in London or go home. It was now about 4p.m. One woman who had brought her mother to be checked went 'mental'! She demanded to see a dr and the nurse refused. She threatened to go into one of the rooms and bring one out herself.(There were 3 drs seeing the regular appointments, but none for emergencies) She said "get 1 dr here now! and the other 2 can cover for him. whoever heard of an emergency being sent away? We're not leaving until we see a dr."
We all sat tight waiting to see what would happen. 10 mins later, nurse returned to say an eye dr would see us, even though minutes before she said she couldnt conjure up a dr! Folks, THIS apparently is the state of the NHS. I spent no less than 6 hr in the hospital standing& sitting around. It sure makes the third world look very good indeed. Its downright dangerous to be sick in the UK. Thank God for Jesus.