Thursday, 25 March 2010

roll/flat twist style in 2 minutes!!

right side

*Left side is the side with the orange flower*
I grabbed 2 bunches of locs and Rolled the front (like a giant flat twist) on either side and pinned it just above the ear with hair pin. This style took 1-2mins to do.
The grey is unrelenting!!!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Styling...and I've got a bright idea!

This is a simple style I wore to church this morning. If you look closely, you'll see that the loc intergration piece is still in. Note the small pinky/orange flower on the side. The few extra locs on the piece(probably 20 or so) balances out my locs , so it doesn't look odd when doing these sort of styles. And the bright idea I've got is... to get another piece in a different colour, say copper/ red or blonde to give me highlights and colour. That way I won't have to colour my hair. The question is should I attempt to make one myself or should I buy another? The thing is the piece is very well made and I have no complaints, except for the colour being a little 'off', but then I had coloured my hair, and that muddied the waters a bit. However, I could save the cash..... just a thought.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

loc integeration piece from endless creations

Here's more about the loc piece I mentioned in an earlier post. I did not blog about it before b'cos I wasn't wearing it and I wanted to show pics with it in my hair.
These are pics of my locs with the loc integration hair piece in. This hair piece is made by Gerry of endless creations. They are called gerrylocs.It incorporates your own locs through the piece,without sewing, gluing or any foriegn substance. I got it in order to add fullness to my hair- although I don't wear it all the time, there are times when I just want the fullness, and this allows me to wear my hair all back or parted in the middle. The difference in colour isn't as obvious as it looks in the pics. I know many natural heads act like they going to have chickens if you so much as mention fake hair, but this is the real world and real women have real hair issues. So don't judge others,just be thankful you don't have to deal with hair loss, patches or thinned out hair. I'm glad someone is addressing these issues and giving women who never thought they could wear locs the opportunity to do so, without embarrassment or having to cover up all the time.
So if you could benefit from a loc integration piece, head on over to endless creations, and see what's available. From loc repairs, to extensions, integration pieces,enhancements, additions etc all made to order to suit the individual. And don't worry, it isn't human hair. It's very high quality hair that actually locs alongside your own hair.

Friday, 12 March 2010

family photos

Entrance to my bros house which is now a chinese restaurant in East Legon, Accra.
We went to 'greet' our cousins who had just lost their mum.

Inside my parent's house in Sakaman, Accra.

Driving in extreme heat in Ghana. My driving skills and emotions were tested to the limit! Driving in Accra is a nightmare if you don't have the right temperament.

My cousin and I at a friend's 60th birthday party. My shiny face is a result of dancing and star beer hehehe.

My dear Dad. He is 88yrs old, 89 yrs this year and still going strong.

Me and my mum. She is 83yrs old, and she wanted me to take her out everyday.

Me and Dad


I travelled to Sekondi-Takoradi,with my dad and brother. We lived here in the 70s when my dad was the senior director in the western region. This chop-bar where we ate, is called 'super hide-out', and it's in takoradi. Sekondi-Takoradi is a twin city about 160miles from the capital Accra and 60 miles from the famous capecoast. Takoradi is a harbour city and it's really green&leafy with loads of tree lined streets.
The commisioners house, which is on a hill above the house we used to live in.

The house we lived in for 5 yrs. It's right by the sea, over-looking cliffs and the sea at the back
,with tennis courts at the side. You could see the naval ships and tips of submarines when they came in.

Village as you approach the outskirts of Sekondi. I think it's called Esikado, but not sure.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

a couple of hair photos....

...from Ghana.
Ama (SLs practitioner)'s hair and mine after she retightened it. We bartered services - I retightened her locs and she did mine-except, I didn't finish hers. I got to a little more then halfway and she finished the rest herself. But she still came all the way to my sister's house(where I was staying) and did my whole head, Bless her!

My SLs moisture treatment & reconstructor conditioner had arrived at last and were waiting for me when I got back. Amongst the ingredients was mineral oil and my heart sank. (you know how I feel about mineral oil and petroleum products.) My hopes were raised when I saw that it was further down the ingredient list. However, so many people have raved over these products that I decided to try the moisture treatment. I spritzed my hair until it was damp, then took 1/2 tsp size, spread it in my palms and spread it on my locs. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was instantly absorbed and my locs felt softer and moisturised. I have now decided to add a tiny bit to my spritz and will use it every other day. I'm reserving the reconstructor for when I wash my hair, and I will report back then.