Thursday, 17 September 2009

My bro had a wedding today

My bro and his wife had a wedding today in Ghana. I'd have loved to be there, but I had to content myself with chatting and congratulating them on the phone. I'll see the vid next jan/feb when I'm there. They have come through so much adversity it's unreal. My bro's life reads like a book with a very happy ending. His wife is one of the most loyal- woman of faith I know.Yes they were already married and have been traditionally married for over 20 yrs and have 3 children. This is more like a renewing of vows, done in church with the full works. (It's not uncommon in Ghana for folks to have a traditional ghanaian ceremony followed my a wedding sometimes years later. Both ceremonies cost plenty money. Infact, you have 2 traditional ceremonies. The 'knocking' which is really the engagement and the 'engagement' which is really the marriage. The marriage is refrred to as the 'engagement' b'cos of the white wedding to follow!) Anyhow they're wedded and I hope you're not too confused by my explanation. My niece married an African American and did the same except - they did the 'knocking' a year before, then did the 'engagement' on a thursday and wedding on sat - all in Ghana. After having a registry ceremony in America. Phew! I remember seeing myself aged 3 in my parents wedding photos wondering how it was possible. My youngest bro(the one who's just had a wedding) wasn't even born. Then I dscovered it was b'cos they were already married.

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