Sunday, 25 September 2011

Have you tried these on your locs?

I found these in a local asian shop. Really cheap too. I know they're natural cleansers and conditioners very good for your hair. They are supposed to strengthen your roots too. I boiled some water and mixed in 1 tsp amla and 1 tsp shikakai and let sit for at least 15 mins. I didn't use the Aritha powder(aka soapnut) since shikakai is a scalp cleanser too. Aritha is a natural shampoo that's good for cleansing oily hair. Amla is said to promote growth, control hairloss,cure scalp infection, controls greying hair and get's rid of grime & pimples. These can be used in place of shampoo or in addition to it. These are usually used by making it into a paste, but i used it in a very liquid form. Infact next time I'll also strain the liquid.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

ONIONS: A suprising remedy for hairloss.

After doing some research on this, I've realised there's some truth in the humble ONIONS' effectiveness as a home-made hair growth potion and a remedy for hair loss. The problem is, of course the smell. No one wants to go around smelling of onions. Nevertheless, after deliberating over this, I decided I'll never know until I try. There are several suggestions online how to juice an onion, what mixtures to make. Some add garlic, honey even egg yolk, rosemary etc. One recipe is to chop up an onion and add it to your shampoo. However, I just cut an onion in quarters and rubbed it into some areas on my scalp. Honest, I could barely smell the onion or maybe it just wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be.
Massage a generous amount of onion juice into your scalp weekly. Leave on for 2-4 hrs or overnight. You can grate, mash, juice the onion or add to your shampoo. It is the sulphur that encourages hair growth. The sulphur in onion& garlic is different from the sulphur that's mined and is much more effective. Onion's sulphur content is very high. It is known that brittle hair nails hairloss can be a sign of sulphur deficiency. Its anitfungal anti bacterial anti inflamatory circulatory properties makes it a highly valued food source for healing inside and out. You can substitute garlic as it has similar uses( IMO it'll be more smelly). This is my first try and I was very hesitant. Next time, I'll extract the juice and use it more abundantly lol. If you are concerned about an onion smell, make your last rinse diluted ACV.
OREGANO OIL: Again a scalp stimulator. It's strong and VERY POTENT! (The oregano smell leaves NO room for any onion smell.) It's also anti bacterial antifungal, anti viral. It's an antibiotic and will heal many scalp conditions like psoriasis (shrinking the lessions). I actually added a drop or 2 on my scalp to make sure I didn't smell of onions before I found out it was scalp friendly!!!. I instantly felt a hot sensation and rushed to break an aloe vera plant to rub onto my scalp. Then I sat down to research oregano oil and discovered it was quite a normal reaction. I didn't want to sleep with all this stuff in my hair, so after 2 hours I shampooed it out. My locs feel very clean and there's no odour at all. If you want to try this and/or the onion remedy for hair growth, you need to give it some weeks or months. Also make sure you're taking a good hair vitamin/mineral supplement, biotin, omega 3. Wash your hair regularly with a sulfate-free shampoo or soap. Do all you can to keep your scalp CLEAN.

Friday, 9 September 2011

2 second Messy hairdo

I had to dash out today -shopping. This was my 2 sec hairdo. Very messy. But I looked kinda cool.
My locs are getting really long. You don't see the back of your own head, so it seems to have grown overnight.

Maybe time for a little trim to even things out?

Friday, 2 September 2011

Jamaican black Castor oil(Yards Finest)

Me&my friend Seiwa's son who is a budding musician. He played in Glastonbury this year with Rolf harris and has done gigs all over UK. I've known Shaz since he was a baby, so when he's famous....
After hearing so many good reports about JBCO I though it'd be an absolute crime NOT to acquire some. So I found Yards finest traditional jamaican castor oil. ( Yes-If you're getting castor oil why not get the best?) Hand processed-virgin-unrefined(for hair and scalp use). It has a strong burnt/smokey scent. I quite like it. Not unpleasant to have in your hair like I thought it'd be. It's not as thick as regualr castor oil,but to me that's an advantage. I don't have to dilute with another oil. You can use it as it is. I tried it as a pre-shampoo & post scalp treatment. I was amazed how it simply 'sank' into my scalp. Normally when I use oil I can see the shine of it on my scalp. Well this just-disappeared. This will now be part of my regime. I'll do another review soon after I've used it for some time listing all it's benefits.
Has anyone tried dr woods pure black soap? I loved it! DH ordered it from iherb(for skin) and I tried it on my hair. It's like dr bronners liquid soaps. It left a slight residue(which disappeared after diluted acv rinse) like the dr bronners, but the scent was a winner and had me scrambling for ways to use it on my locs simply bc apart from the great smell, it's conditining&moisturising. It's great on my skin especially my face.
*ingredients*aqua,saponified coconut hemp olive oils with glycerin,black soap,vitE,sea salt,panthenol,rosemary, natural caramel.
No parabens phthalate lauryl/laureth sulfates,petroleum derivatives.

Little tricks

We had our 1 yr women of destiny anniversary celebration at church. What I'm wearing was our Cloth. All wore same type of cloth with slightly different designs. I put a blue flower on the side to emphasize the colour. I forgot my camera so just took these when I got home. Our speaker for the 3-day conference was Mrs fransisca Duncan-Williams. In Christ we have been crowned Queens, like Esther (in the bk of Esther) who rose from orphan to Queen, thus saving her entire nation. Although she was a Queen, she was humble and Godly. She listen to her uncle Mordecai and cried out to God for her brethren...
I'm waiting for my edges to grow. Meanwhile I 2st twisted the 4 at the front with some afro kinky bulk hair to give it some balance. I washed my locs and took them out today. It's just a temporary measure.