Saturday, 19 May 2012

Baking Soda shampoo and vinegar conditioner

So I'm using totally natural products to wash and condition my hair. Baking Soda, aka Bicarbonate of Soda in a solution(the big bottle/bottom photo). 2 washes with this and rinse. The final rinse is with diluted ACV(Top photo). The recipe for the shampoo is here:
I always wondered why B-soda didnt work for me (from back in the day when I had braidlocks). Now I know why. It's due to hardness of water in the UK. You have to approach it a little differently as you will see when you read  the link above. I think it's great. I got VERY good results. My scalp was clean clean clean. What's more the ACV rinse that followed conditioned  beautifully. I mean it left my hair really soft and fluffy. Here CV rinse
I just thought I'd give this a  go. Apparently using a baking soda or Borax solution to wash your hair/scalp is very healthy and the only way to deep clean. The borax also kills every unwanted fungus, bacteria excess sebum etc to give a happy environment for your scalp. I havent got any borax, but as soon as I do Ill be here with the recipe. Meanwhile you can get a deep clean this way. You can aslo inhibit unwanted scalp issues(both seen and unseen) by putting neat acv on your scalp and let sit overnight. Rinse out in the morning. Be careful not to put it on cuts/bruised areas. It can sting a little but that ok. Just remember you do this entirely at your own risk. I did it and it was fine.

Saturday, 5 May 2012


Not really. I got my locs cut or rather layered by Mary. What you see on my head is a lacefront wig. The idea was to hide my locs away under a wig...only...I'm encountering some problems. Namely, my locs are too long and thick in the back to fit my wig on properly. And this texture was the closest I came to finding a LF kinky/nappy textured wig. You're now wondering why I'm even bothering. I'm tired of trying to conceal scalp on top of my head. I think my hair is filling in, but after combining locs on top of my head it just looked so-sparse. Does anyone have ideas? I use scarves, hair bands etc. I put in loc bridges for fullness etc but that's time consuming. I 've made a few, but I find the hair isnt always a good match. Maybe it isnt noticeable to others, but it is to me. My daughter says I'm obsessing over hair and to just leave it alone. That's why I've got this LF wig. Perhaps a nappier texture will wing it. Sorry for whingeing...I should be grateful for what I have..Anyway I do apologise for the make-up-less face. Hope it isnt too scary lol. Cheerio...I'm sure I'll find my way and bring more positive news next time. Till then - oh I'll take some pics of my loc-cut and post them. It actually falls better and all the annoying bunching/lumps on the ends have gone.
* I have yet another idea to help fill my  locs in. Like I say it's all time consuming. Does anyone in the uk offer such services I wonder. Well I'll come back and reveal the latest idea....