Sunday, 6 September 2009

How to split locs

Folks, we were discussing Ara's hair and the discussion went to how thick some of her locs were in the back. Some are so thick especially towards the ends that it's pretty hard to retighten. I already split a few near the crown, so I asked her if she wants ALL the fat locs split and she said 'er- I don't mind- yes'. So we decided to embark on a loc splitting journey. I mean I will be splitting roughly 100 locs! With so many to split, Taking down and re-doing is just not an attractive option. So here's the method I intend to use:

Tighten the new growth in 1 direction only ie no cross stitching at all.

Create an upside down Y.

Cut away 1 of the branches leaving 1 long loc and 1 short new growth hair.

Make a new loc out of the shorter hair.

I might add that The only 2 methods I know of for splitting Locs are what I've just described above and unravelling the whole loc and starting new locs from the loose hair. IMO if your locs are only a few months old, you're better off undoing them and starting new ones. And If anyone knows a 3rd method for dividing, do tell.
(I remember when I had bradelocs I let new growth grow on fat locs and allow it to get quite get quite bushy and then just grab some and braided into a new loc.)
Loc splitting takes weeks and months, but
Like she says, she'll be glad to be my experiment. If this experiment succeeds, she'll end up with 415 locs or somewhere in that region.
...and if for some reason, she changes her mind we'll just re-combine them again or to be more precise, SHE can combine them herself!
So what d'you all think?


Nubian1 said...

Ara's locks are beautiful Ofo! I thought they were micro locks when i saw her for the first time! She may want to rethink doing the whole head!

anthia-ofo said...

She doesn't want to do the whole head. Just the thick ones. Since you thought they were microlocks, she may ease off how many she wants split.