Tuesday, 29 September 2009

police woman branded illegal childminder

another example of idiotic behaviour from the 'authorities'. Ofsted banned the 2 women(best friends) from looking after each others child. They were job sharing in order to allow one to look after their kids,whilst the other works. Ofsted branded them illegal childminders! These women could have just gone on benefits or sponged in some way on the state. Instead they put their heads together and came up with a solution that benefits everyone. They earn some money, pay taxes, their children are left for short periods with their best friend, in a very loving environment- Sharing their police jobs and sharing the care of their children. Instead of being commended, they recieve condemnation from the powers that be who have totally lost their way. On the other hand, a woman who called 999 for help after being beaten and threatened by thugs in her home was told she would have to handle it herself cos the police could not interfere!

Friends, we need to lift up the nation in prayer.


Bajan Lily said...

That's just unbelievable. Stupse.
Who called Ofsted anyway? I thought it was 'OK' to leave your children with a family friend etc as long as you didn't try to claim say - childcare allowances/vouchers for them?

anthia-ofo said...

A 'neighbour' called ofsted to report them.People are malicious. They weren't claiming any thing. Aparently the fact that they get paid at their jobs counts as 'reward' even though they don't pay each other. Ofsted even told them they'll install cameras in their homes to ensure they don't continue to care for each other's kids. As it is, their kids are now in a nursery - exactly where the state wants them.
Now, anyone who looks after your kids for more than 2 hrs must be 'Registered' I don't know why we continue to pretend this is a free country.