Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Update on Protein treatment

Thandi, in answer to your question, the protein treatment IMO has really helped my hair. It feels stronger and it left it soft& sheeny. I did condition with a moisturising condish afterwards. Hair needs the right balance between protein and moisture. Too much protein will leave it hard and brittle, while over conditioning will leave it limp , lifeless mushy. Personally I think our hair type is rarely over-conditioned. Still, striking the right balance between protein and moisture can be tricky. As a rule, too many protein treatments will lead to hard hair, At the same time you need them to strengthen your hair. So I suggest 1xmth at the most ,and always follow with a moisturising conditioner to be on the safe side. This of course, is a generalization and may vary from person to person. Adding a *moisturising*conditioner+humectants like honey,oils like jojoba,coconut& olive oils will help prevent "overproteinizing" your hair and don't forget finishing off with an ACV rinse!

Having said all the above, eggs, vinegar and oil are all great at helping retain moisture, provide volume and hydration. Each ingredient can be used alone but obviously a combination (as found in mayonnaise) increases the condish properties. The protein in the egg fill in the gaps and nicks in the hair shaft when it's dry or damaged, giving a fuller sheenier appearance promoting strong strands and growth.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Protein treatment

I did a protein treatment after i read about the benefits. I followed dewdrops instructions. I added a little jojoba oil, 1 tbs aubrey's honeysuckle condish, 1 tbs sisterlock reconstructor to the mayo and egg. Mixed it all and put it on my roots.
I put on shower cap and left it on for 3hrs. Then washed it with cold water.(I'm not sure about this treatment in winter). I made sure to use a moisturising shampoo -organix coconut and aubrey organics honeysuckle shampoo, both for the lovely coconutty&honecuckle fragrance and moisture. Followed by aubrey organics honeysuckle condish, (my ends only), then rinse rinse rinse with cool water tempered with some cider vinegar to cut the hardness in our UK water. I am pleased with the results. This is worth doing on a monthly basis. Also it's good for my scalp!

Monday, 19 July 2010

How cool is this athlete?

Joseph Christian and Joshi at the endofera party.
I cant believe how my babies have grown and Christian looking so

Here he is competing at the english schools athletics.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Its hard to accept this!

A few days ago, my pastor friend from back -in- the- day sent me the devastating message that my friend Wendy had passed away. We used to be very close when Ara was a Tot, going to prayer meetings/church together, praying for each other and our families. She lived in Luton and we'd spoken on the phone and planned to meet-up sometime...only it never happened. Instead she's gone leaving behind a husband and 3 children the youngest,9yrs. Whilst I was reeling from the shock of this, the phone rang. It was my sis from Ghana.'Are you sitting down?' I said'what!?!' Then she gives me another blow! This, within 15 minutes of the 1st blow. My friend Jennifer also from back- in- the- day has died! We met up when I went to Ghana(she always comes to spend time with me) and was planning to visit her twin in the US. Jennifer was my flatmate when Ara was a toddler. It was she who introduced me to KTchurch. We all belonged to a group called AL and shared many happy memories together. I couldn't even cry. I was just numb, tears stinging my eyes.

To Wendy: I never knew you were so ill. I'm so sorry you went through so much. I spoke of calling weeks ago, to see if we could finally make it happen. The meeting that never took place. I'm grateful to God that I knew you. Always smiling and babying me. Re-arranging my wardrobe when it was a total mess! Now Heaven is your reality. I'm sad that you died so young, but happy that you're no longer dealing with pain. RIP my sister, till we meet again.

And Jennifer: What can I say? I could barely comprehend the fact that you'd gone. So soon? I remember us standing near El wak,(Ghana) encouraging each other in the Lord. You were telling me about your plans...Ei! How did this happen? Aakor, so pretty, so sweet. A gentle and quiet spirit. Dyou remember Ara's 1st words when she tried to say Aakor? It was Krkor? She's devasted.. But I know how much you Loved God. You were a saint if ever there was one. Enjoy your rest from your labours. I will miss you, my dear. Until that great day....girls I'll do my best by his grace to represent on this side of eternity.

In 1989, we went to portugal to attend a crusade and made it a holiday. We all stayed in a lovely hotel. Wendy&I shared a room with little Arashia. DD and Jennifer(Aakor) shared another room. Dd died in 2004. It was a hard one to get over Cos we used to spend so much time on the phone putting the world to rights. I was the one that told Jennifer and Wendy. Then last year Elizabeth died. She was in AL too. I broke the news to Jennifer. Now this........ God is my rock and my strength, an ever present help in the time of trouble. I will rest in you, the lifter up of my head. God is faithful, whether I understand this or not, He is FAITHFUL.

"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints."

Monday, 12 July 2010

washed and deep conditioned with.....

Sisterlock reconstructor and aubrey organics honeysuckle & rose conditioner. I washed my hair with the clarifying shampoo followed by 2nd wash honeysuckle &rose shampoo. I left the condish on for 1hr. Apparently you can leave it in overnight but... nah. Maybe next time. Then it was rinse rinse rinse!

Seriously, my hair looks very full in the back. As if I have gazillion locs. It's the top I want looking fuller. That's why you don't see pics of the top of my head. I don't like locs looking flat on top, it's got to have some body. My kids say it doesnt look bad. I certainly pray so. My loc count is hovering around 370. Anyway, I'm really pleased with the way my locs have progressed and thankful to God too,
Locs are definitely the best hair choice I ever made.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

re-Ti -ing 1000 locs....or so it seemed

Ara and I went on friday to reTi my friend Seiwa's hair. Her locs were started with tiny twists in Ghana(which probably cost £5.00 ?). Some had unravelled entirely and needed to be re-installed. She is unofficially client number 3. Her hair is coily, wooly and dense in the back and it seemed she had 1000 locs! I attempted a loc count, but I'm guesstimating over 500 locs. Some may well have to be combined later. We had a fun girly time eating sweet cheries from her tree, but Arashia was so knackered she couldn't even muster a smile in that pic. She'd been up the day before re-Ting another client and up 3 days before that making a prom dress for someone.