Monday, 31 October 2011

Blame it on Nai! Heehee..

My friends, thanks to Nai, fellow SL blogger, Queen PJ, willing guinea pig, Tester of various hair products I found HEAD Organics shampoo. Can you tell I'm happy? Yes I truly love it. I found the last bottle at TKMaxx at £9.99. It's a huge bottle and certainly cheaper than the SL shampoos. Hydrating/fortifying,it's also sulfate-free,paraben-free,glycol-free, gluten-free. The main cleansing ingredient is Sodium Olefin sulfonate. Some controversy surrounds SOs(yes I had to go there!) bc it's supposed to be a variant of sls/sles. However according to the Good Guide website SOs is not on their list of toxic chemicals that cause suspected or recognized health effects. It has not been detected in human tissue or urine (which suggests that it does not pass through membranes)Sodium cocoamphoacetate is green(non-toxic) mild, safe& is has the ability to both cleanse and condition.
Right. I wrote this some days ago& just posting it.
Oh I forgot. Look I found TIGI Bed Head moisture maniac. Silicone-Free.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Loc Hair-band

You know all those braid hair-bands? Well I used locs cut off from my loc pieces to create this hair-band. Quite interesting bc folks try to figure what i have going on in my head. All you do is get an old hair band and wrap the locs round. I guess you could recreate something similar with your own locs own your head if you have plenty of locs.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

So, what's new?

Well, I stopped retightening the top of my head for now. I tried some manner of twisting method on a few locs. Not palmrolling, more of a gentle twist to incoporate hairs at the root into a loc and just let it be. I know this is not the norm for Sls but I've got to come up with my own combo of what works for my hair. I made a lochead band(I'm wearing it in the b&w pic on the right) by wrapping locs round an old head band(I'll put a clearer pic up asap)

If you look closely you'll see I put some (brown)yarn in my hair. I'm experimenting to with yarn. Yarn is extremely light and easy to work with. It serves as a protective covering for a weak loc while covering a sparse looking spot.

I'm allowing my locs at the hairline/top/crown to grow out with little to no manipulation. I thought about doing this before, but didn't bc thin locs really need to be reTi regularly. However,my dr suggested it would be a good idea to lay off retightening at least for a while. To just let the hair be. And I decided to give it a go. After all dr C experimented until she came up with her method right? No harm in trying something different to see how that works for me-yes? You can see what it looks like at the moment(right b&w pic). I use a soft bristle brush to just brush all the loose hair and it knda works. I'm due for another henna colour. The last one worked a treat. Finally, I have combined locs that look stringy. I have a several 2 headers. I might or might not cut them off eventually. And that my friends, is the latest news.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Product find!

Naked Rescue sweet almond&sunflower intensive care shampoo-the line contains no sulphates,parabens or petrochemicals from Boots.
V05 Herbal escapes strengthening conditioner(anti-oxidant rich pomegranate&grapeseed extract). From the pound shop. No silicones to coat your locs. Lovely fragrance. Will be good for co-washing

Alberto Balsam(limited edition) Mandarin with papaya-pro vitamin B5. Silicone-free. Delicious fragrance. From Boots or the pound shop. The shampoo is equally lovely and I was so tempted, but it contains SLS and I always try to avoid that ingredient. I haven't used any of them yet. I came across them and they were so cheap I got them. It's just to let my UK readers know what's available. I will use them next wash.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

I caved in!! I'm doing it Myself.

I'm long overdue for a reTi. Each week I'd say 'next week I'll contact George'. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I've had to give having a consultant retighten my locs a miss, so I started reti-ing myself-I don't want my locs to fall out!! Most of my evenings are taking up with something, (which is the main time I'm able to go get it done). Not only that, cash for retite took a dive - pushed out by more pressing things. I might give myself another treat before christmas, meanwhile it's back to DIY. (You can see my empty cups of tea and coffee to sustain me).
So here are the pictures of my contortions trying to do the back.
Let's just say I'm taking my time. I do a little when I'm relaxing. My husband suggests I shd just retighten my locs all the time in teeny sections. Well, I'm not so sure about that. I mean those arms will need a rest sometime, dont you think? Also I'm thinking of a change with my locs(don't worry I'm not cutting). Just combing more of them. I want an easier life. I love micros but hey, it's not by force, or by hook or by crook to have them. All I want is locs small enough to not stress my scalp and give me fullness, but easy to maintain myself. We'll see. It's just hair right? NOT!!