Saturday, 30 April 2011

Happy ever after?.....I sincerely hope so

For the fairytale thoughts and prayers with the couple in their new ife together.

But,Spare a thought for what "they" (not the couple)did to the lovely Di

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Stylish blogger award

Thanks Bajan for giving me the stylish blogger award. I can't say my blog is actually stylish but er...heheee(bashful)

The reason for my award? DIY rules!! and my various herby concoctions experiments and hairpieces LOL.

The rules:
Thank and link back to the person that gave you the award
Share 7 things about yourself.
Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
Contact these bloggers and tell them about it.

7 things about myself?

I'm a homeschooling mum. I've homeschooled for 9 yrs. It all started when my oldest was in secondary school and I got fed up with the rubbish that went on. I pulled her out and took her to boarding school in Ghana. I tried to get my 2nd daughter into a different school. After a head to head confrontation with the powers that be..I chose the lonely homeschool road. And I haven't regretted it one bit.

I was born and raised in Ghana. I love my people even though I find certain Ghanaians(esp some in the motherland) super frustrating. Sometimes a word, some aroma takes me right back to the endless visits to each other's homes,snacking on roast plantain/peanuts, chewing coconut corn and nuts(special mix) The pounding of fufu in the evenings. the smell of nkate nkwan(palmnut soup) Chickens boldly walking around. The dog feeding the kitten(INSERT-we had a dog that lost all it's puppies and a kitten whose mum was run over so the dog adopted it and breast fed it)...Oh and the goat that was always tied to the tree waiting to get the chop for Christmas dinner.

I was a single parent(Loooong story of a marriage that lasted all of 8mths. This why I can sympathise with some single parents-bc you never know their story) when I met my husband(white man) in church in the UK. We married after 6weeks and are still together after riding several storms together. We had another 4 kids(making 5). Our eldest daughter recently got married.

I am an Artist. I have a degree in Graphic design but never worked as a graphic designer. Instead I used to have exhibitions of my batik wall hangings. I also do encaustic art(wax painting) when time permits.

Back when I was in Uni, there was a famine in the land(Ghana). We didn't know how we would get through our final year. My friend and I walked into KLM offices and offered to do some adverts for them. They were so shocked they accepted and we were given a huge project to cover several public transport vehicles with their slogan. We recruited others to help....but the money I made saw both my brother and I through our final year.

I'm convinced I hold the world record for the most times anyone has done the bc. I started trying to go natural when I was 18yrs old. Right from when I got my 1st perm. I had it in me but just couldn't sustain it. Sometimes I'd be natural for 3mths,6mths even up to a year. In 2004 I finally waved goodbye to the LYE only because I eventually made that all important mental transition.

I became a christian in the early 80s whilst I was still in uni in a very dramatic way. After a year I drifted away from God, but he never left me. One day in 1987, a broke single mum, God spoke to me very clearly. It was time to rise up. I re-dedicated my life to Jesus. Our relationship has gone from strength to strength. He speaks to me often. Sometimes through his word, dreams or visions. It's pretty startling when God shows me something about a person I'm praying for. Usually it's something the person has been asking God for. I don't always share things God shows/tells me. Sometimes it's just too weighty or too precious ....

So there you have it. Some my fav bloggers have already been tagged:

So I tag naturally beautiful cos her blog IS stylish and she always has really cool natural/loc styles on there plus unique jewelry and interesting bits of info.

Locs revisited cos she's very brave. She isn't afraid to trim her locs or go gray.

Loc rocker cos she features different locked heads and events on her blog. And her loc styles look so good!

Kittylocs cos I enjoy reading about her latest trip and how her lovely locs held up in the sun lol.

Ok there are actually a lot more I'd like to tag. So if you're reading this post, consider yourself tagged. That means you Euphoria, Mile high SLS,Queenlocks,Naturally unique,Kalia dewdrop,DaTruththatisKnotty, to name a few, for your valuable contributions to the locking world.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Loc intergration cont'd

Comparison photos. (Above) with the piece(below) without the piece.

My locs are very full in the back,but it's the crown/ top I like to add more locs to give body. The idea behind the loc-link is this: sometimes I want my locs in a ponytail or updo. In that case the link or any loc piece will be a hindrance. But when I wear my hair down, it adds to the fullness. So being able to put in or take it out easily is a real bonus. The pic above shows what was left after the curl flop. Curling,crinkling,braiding,2st twisting locs gives dramatic volume.

Putting the loc link in. Just secure it by twisting with a real loc. I will experiment with making smaller links e.g 2-4 in a row to 'fill in' small areas where someone might need locs e.g temples, hairline etc. It's a work in progress. My biggest problem at the moment is getting the right kind of hair. I'm so busy right now with home-schooling and helping my boys get through GCSEs that I don't have time to scout around shops to get some. Buying Online is rubbish cos you can't feel or see the hair. But I can play around with what I have and when the opportunity comes I can go get some Heeerrrr.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Roasted Ripe Plantain

Rice, boiled egg, lamb stew,roasted plantain with carrots and broccoli. That was dinner.
I roasted the plantain under the grill. I roasted a bit of yam too(the white piece). Anyway you can have ripe plantain boiled, grilled, fried, spicy fried called kelewele, in fritters, loaves,plantain cakes with palm oil...the list is endless. This is a simple,quick delicious way to enjoy it.

A loc bridge intergrated into sisterlocks

I've tried to enhance the pics so you can see the piece in my locs.

For some reason, the white bits are highlighted with the flash on camera. In real life it's in keeping with the rest of my locs and shows up as just a sprinkling of grey.

This is the actual loc link. As you can see it looks dark brown, not really grey.

So I added the loc bridge/link to my locs. (It's a length of thin yarn, maybe 10in, with locs hanging from it.)This is the result. You can see coloured and greyish locs intermingled with dark brown locs. They are part of the bridge. It has 25 -30 locs on it. It's very easy to put in. It goes from temple to temple in a semi circle across the crown and has 3 points where you can attach by twisting your own loc with a loc on the link. I'm testing it out. So far it seems to be staying put. I've tried to find a solution that will add fullness to locs that can easily be put in or taken out. I very happy with this bc it means I can use it whenever I want and just leave it out other days and I can do it myself without waiting for someone to thread my locs through. ( a bit like an instant weave thingy). In conclusion, for those who want or need more locs, this is one of many options for you. After the Chris Rock movie, human hair is erm a little repulsive, so I used synthetic hair and yarn. We gotta move with the times eh.

How many sisterlocks/locs do you have?

This topic rolls around regularly. I'm writing about it only because I was reminded of the loc number saga on LIU when someone with traditional locs posed a question(unrelated to loc number) and some of the answers focused on loc number. This post isn't about that thread . I'm merely stating that it brought back memories of my own struggles with 'the loc number' when I first got SLS. It's been the bane of many a locers life. Loc number was never important until I got SLS-ed. (Yes I knew (approx) how many locs were on my head when I had TLS.) That was just for knowing sake and proved nothing. But with SLS it became a different ball game. It was one of the means by which you could tell if yours were real or fake, whether you consultant had cheated you out of 400+ locs or not, whether you belonged or didn't etc etc. It's a terrible rollercoaster once you get on it. Folks with perfectly healthy/beautiful locs have taken them down to restart them based on this. Granted some people did actually receive bad installs from someone who didn't know what they were doing. I was chatting with my friend Seiwa about this last year and the impression that something was somewhat lacking if one didn't have at least 400. It made me realise how we can stress about something that's not really important. At the end of the day, many factors are going to influence the number of locs you have. Size of loc, size of head, density of hair, texture of hair, amongst other variables such as thinning hair/hair loss and of course personal preference. I know a popular Sisterlock saying is' 2 heads are alike'. This is true. And yet folks are comparing heads all the time. It's as if our eyes lighted upon the number 400+ in SL literature and that was IT. I'm sure this is not what Dr C meant it to be. It was a general guideline rather than writing in stone. I feel for consultants who may be accused and harassed over this. How can you create up to 400+ locs on a peanut head? I've seen a few photos of 800+ locs on people. Usually it's down to the fact that their hair is very thick/dense, and some have a coconut, not peanut head. There's also the lengthy retite sessions to consider, the $$, the fact that maintenance will be a lot higher. I do think they are beautiful when styled. But hanging straight,a full head of thread-thin locs just doesn't grab me. I think I'm probably in the in-between camp. I like small locs, but not too small if you see what I mean. All this to say Your locs are individual to You. No one has the same as you. The number, the size, the texture, the density can never be replicated exactly on another head. The things to pay attention to is loc health, keeping it strong, moisturised and growing.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Kakum National Park -Capecoast.

We visited kakum national park on our recent trip to Ghana. It's deep in the rainforest and habours all sorts of wild animals like elephants,hyenas ,birds,monkeys,gorillas,etc. There are 7 suspended bridges/canopies, each deeper than the one before, 12 storeys high. You get a birdseye view of the forest. It truly is a walk of faith. You must believe that the narrow swinging rope bridge will hold your weight. It's like stepping into thin air. Drinking Fresh coconut from the trees near the forest. This Forest is only about 20km from the coast. The nearest coastal city is called Capecoast. That's cocoa fruit straight from the forest, and raw honey. We bought some. The cocoa is juicy and sweet. The seeds are dried and cocoa butter/powder extracted from them.
On the steps that leads to the canopies. It's a very steep climb.
On the canopy with my 4 kids and my brother.
My daughter on the canopies with a school party behind her. There was 1 guide in front of our party and 1 behind. This pic gives you an idea of the length of the bridges. They are suspended between huge trees several storey high. They swing as you walk on them. You have rope on the sides to hang onto!! Below is nothing but rainforest with loads of birds/forest creatures/insects/ crickets all singing their tunes. Many of the creatures live in the trees and never touch the forest floor. There was a tropical storm after our walk. The heat was oppressive and the rain burst through and came down like sheets! The storm was confined to the park.

This park is 20 km away from my high school(which is a boarding school). Infact, the road leading to it passes right in front of my old school.

Yarn for loc repairs.

I thought I'd share this. I've been using yarn for repairs and strengthening weak locs. Why? Because it's incredibly light weight and when your locs are thin, the last thing you want is extra weight on them. It works quite well. I wrap it round a loc as if I'm threading the hair, just as you would using fake hair. I leave a little overhanging the end of a loc in case I want to pull it off later. I see it as a temporary fix rather than a permanent one.

Monday, 11 April 2011

The story of the collapsing curls

The collapsed curls. The result of all my hard work the night before. I don't think my hair was wet enough. Perhaps it needs some mousse or setting lotion.

Looked nice when I first took out the soft spikes.

my locs rolled on soft spikes yesterday. It took over 1hr!!! How do others do it? I can't be spending so long rolling my hair, aint got the time.
The joy on my face when I finally finished. Little did I know the curls would collapse the very next day.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Afro hair grows.

I was messing around after church and started taking some pics of my hair. I don't often take shots of the top of my head, but I made a simple style with my tomoka's twist, so here it is...
The back . Massive growth. Afro hair DOES grow. You just gotta leave it alone
Side view. Not bad eh? I mean for someone who hardly ever styles....
Longer hair does give more options- at least for me it does
I just had to show my Ghana dress LOL. A young lady made it for me in Ghana
Close up of the style. Very simple. Only takes a few minutes.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

New find! STRICTLY ROOTS products.

Look what I found during my trip to Ghana. Strictly Roots. A Product line developed in Canada, produced in Ghana. They have shampoos conditioner etc, but I bought the scalp Stimulator and Moisturiser from Ama SL practitioner. Her locs are gorgeous and if this is what's making it look that way....I didn't hesitate.

Scalp Stimulator ingredients: Grade A shea butter, Allanblackia Foribunda,coconut oil,vegetable glycerine,kombo butter,vit E,Peppermint EO, Patchouli EO.

Moisturiser ingredients: Grade A shea butter,Allanblackia Floribunda,coconut oil, veg glycerine,kombo butter,vit E,orange, mandarine and/or tangerine EO.

I love the moisturiser. It's very light and smells wonderful. I dissolved a little and put it in my spritz. I also rub a little in my hand and apply to damp hair.

Did I tell you I found some VIRGIN coconut oil? I brought back as much as I could carry LOL. Some store bought, some from Kaneshie market. At the moment it not only goes in my spritz, It's my oil of choice for cooking cos it's one of if not the healthiest oil to cook with. I fried some yam in it and...yummy! It was coconut flavored yam and it disappeared in seconds.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Ghana pics-jewelry stall

The pearly bead and multicoloured necklaces were made by my niece for Ara and Mer
The bead/jewelry stall below is on Osu high street or Oxford st as they call it.