Monday, 27 December 2010

Shea cocoa-nutty butter!

I'm mixing away again, now that I have a moment. I have some very patient people waiting for me to make this body butter. Well, at long last I've made it. It was great fun too. It's got shea butter,cocoa butter,coconut oil almond oil amongst other good stuff.
And you can see the finished product at the top, smooth silky and moisturising.
Tomorrow I will be having a go decorating part of my daughter's wedding cake.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

On a hairy note...

This is what I'm calling a loc hair-filler or add-on. In other words it will fill in a thin area or add fullness to your locs. You may remember I blogged some time ago about getting a loc piece from endless creations. I used it just a handful of times, but stopped using it b'cos I felt it was waaay too big. The piece Gerry made was generic, seeing I wasn't there in person to have it more accurately fitted for me. I found it too big too bulky and it had 3 to 4 x more locs than I needed or wanted. (She did warn that I would have to remove some locs.) So I chopped it in half then halved it again like you slit a hotdog in half. I just about destroyed the piece after I had done this. So I've gradually rebuilt it to the actual size I want. I can tell you right now, that even a loc piece this small is a lot of work to make. I have still got some finishing touches to make on it before I attempt to wear it. The whole point of it is to seamlessly intergrate it with your own locs(by passing your existing locs through the holes in the net to secure it) so that no one is any the wiser. I also have another idea for making small loc braids/links that can cover bald temples. I don't need that myself, but hey it might help someone! Anyway, I'm working on it.

SNOW - and our road disappeared!

It snowed all night and all day. For those who live in parts of the world where snow is simply a fact of life, I guess it's no biggie, but for those of us in the south east(England) it's quite an event. There were vague mentions of snow in the news, but by the time we got ready to go shopping it was pouring down. We decided to brave it. We hadn't gone far when we realised we were in a blizzard and had to turn back. We then thought... why don't we just walk to the local shop to get a few essentials? Again, we donned coats,hats,gloves and wellies and stepped out. This time we reached the end of our road shin deep in soft velvety snow, then turned back to get the car. Once more, we cleared the fresh snow off the windscreen and windows and set off sliping and sliding to the corner shop. We managed to get a few bits, so we won't starve. Mary's in London working. She'll stay the night with a friend. Joseph and Joshua are away at a crown Jewels weekend - to be picked up tomorrow at 1. The worlds all still, silent and white. People have become more considerate of each other, except the neighbour with issues down the road who was engaged in a shouting match with her daughter as we clumped (is that a word??)past their house.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Crisis over!

Folks, the last few days have been a bit of a blur. Last Thursday I was out shopping with my daughter (Mary). I had a friend coming to collect a parcel and called Paul to make sure he'd be home. He was driving and I just heard him groaning and saying 'Help me help.!' I started to say 'where are you...I'm not home,' when the phone cut. A short while later Joseph(son ) called to say could I come back home as Christian (other son) had called for an ambulance. I rushed home to find him writhing in pain in the back of the ambulance. I followed them to Watford General. After hours of tests and examinations, one surgeon decided to operate. It turns out he had a perforated appendix. Thank God for that surgeon who came at the end. They were going to do a scan, but the dept was closed so they suggested waiting till the next day and schedule him for a scan to check for gall stones. Precious time would have been wasted but for that God -sent surgeon who made the decision based on gut instinct(forgive the pun). So he's had the Op and was sent home after 3 days on his insistence!
Now he's recovering. He can't eat anything except 1 tsp yoghurt at a time, and sips of water and feeling quite weak. He's done a deep appraisal of his life and re-arranged ALL his priorities. For that I praise God. Seeing the suffering masses in the A&E is a real eye-opener. We have a lot to be thankful for. I'm looking forward to Christmas more than ever before, because I'll be celebrating my Saviour JESUS to whom belongs escapes from death. A big Thank you to all my friends who prayed and supported me. You are wonderful. Please continue to pray with Thanksgiving that God will speed recovery and also provide for us. Paul is self-employed and when he's down no income comes in. But God is our provider and he has never let us down and never will.
My hair has been totally neglected as a result of this crisis. I haven't even washed it for 2 weeks and it's in dire need of a wash.
Till next time..Merry Christmas y'all. God is GOOD!!!