Wednesday, 23 July 2008

6 months old

My locs are 6 mths old and I'm wondering if I can now stop all this braiding and banding. Maybe I can try just banding. I'm also considering going back to my nioxin shampoo which I was using b4 I started using dreadheadhq soap. I'll try to post some pics asap. Funny how I took tons of pics with my 1st set of locs, now I'm not snapping away every few seconds.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

For the Fine hair/thinner haired sistas

Does your hair have less volume than you would like? If you have locs and you want more volume, try braiding damp hair, let it dry and remove the braids for a 'braid-out'. If you are pressed for time, spritz your hair lightly with water or whatever you normally use, hold your locs up in 2 ponytails, one at the very top of your head, one at the back. Let it it dry and take it out. This is what I did when my locs looked thin. Your locs will have volume! You can probably do this with just one ponytail (on top of your head) but if your locs are shorter it's better to do 2. Locs have given my hair more body. Even my bradelocz,(when I had them) looked pretty good. But with sls I'm on my way to greater volume/thickness and hopefully, length.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

sisterlock extensions and snobbery?

Did you know that sisterlocks could have extensions added? Not officially of course, but it can be done. I was amazed that the sista's hair looked totally natural. I believe she's coming out with a how-to video. Perhaps those who have a horror of starting with short hair will be persuaded to abandon chemicals and start this way. Except I don't think they can be called sisterlocks. They will have to be called microloc extensions or something. Which brings me to a debate on NP about starting locs with permed hair and sisterlocks disrespect or snobbery, depending on which side of the fence you're on. Some veterans were totally against starting locs with perm bc, the whole point in going natural is to get rid of the lye. Others felt it was a way to transition gently to all natural hair bc not everyone feels ready to do the big chop. So the topic of sisterlock disrespect came up and the negative vibes sometimes sensed on the forum. Many people feel there is snobbery and a cult-like feel behind sisterlocks. Even some sls wearers. Personally, I have never encountered this, and chose sls bc I felt it would be a better locking system for me. Maybe it's bc I know I'll always do my thing if I believe it to be right, no matter what anyone says. Obviously many think it ridiculous that we(sls wearers) pay 100s of $$$ to get locs when we can get the same for little or nothing. I can understand the thinking. However, inspite of the fact that there was excellent info in the bradelocz e-bk, plus any additional info I got free on NP, I didn't quite achieve what I wanted. Microlocs required a bit more skill than I had and I certainly couldn't do it on my own head. With the particular look I wanted, I would have to pay someone to start me off right. Installing sisterlocks is a very tedious process. It has precise partings and patterns. I can't imagine standing over a head, for anything from 12 to 30hrs doing these intricate, tiny locs for any less than the going price. I'm very grateful that I learned about latching in the bradelocz bk. I've also learned so much on NP that I've become a loctitian. With the knowledge I now have, I won't have to take a sls class for $500 (£250), thanks to bradelocz. So I feel I have the best of both worlds. I do some DIY maintenance between visits to my consultant and I really don't feel I'm dependent on her. I only wish we would all respect each others choices.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

3rd Re-tightening and dreadhead hq

I was retightened yesterday 1/7/08 by Angela, after 8wks. It took about 3hrs. It seems to be average. I asked about sls shampoo and was amazed to hear that she hadn't recieved her starter kits (shampoo etc) for her clients after months. Someone needs to get their act together. Fortunately, I don't rely on the sls shampoo. I use dreadhead hq shampoo. It's very effective. I also made a water based spritz (I hope to sell this alongside my coconut spritz), in which I mixed a little paul mitchell awapuhi moisture mist. Finally, my dry, thirsty locs have been quenched. My locs feel soft and moisturised.