Monday, 27 June 2011

sisterlock event continued...

Njoi and I. Just before the relationship Life coach began his thang...interesting. She's even prettier in real life with a lovely gentle spirit.

showcasing sisterlocks(kittylocs got called up to show off her colour). All the ladies standing at the front had various styed sisterlocks.

Denny, kittylocs and I melting in the heat. It was 31 degrees outside.....
Den and her lovely locs and me...
lady at the sisterlock stand with short styled sisterlocks.

Nice lady who let me take a pic of the back of her locks

The sisterlock/loc/natural hair event London

Kittylocs! I saw her when I walked in. The back of her gorgeous locs.
Me and Kittylocs after I firmly attached myself to her heehehe! It was super hot that day. A mini heatwave sweeping the uk.
I forgot this lady's name, but as you can see her locs were beautiful.
Kittylocs looking effortlessly gorgeous...
Back of my locs before I headed out to the Lock event.
This is my 1st time going to this type of event and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't want to go by myself but in the end I thought if you want something just go for it so I did. It started a little slow with some milling around and chatting to other ladies about...locks. There were several stalls with shea buttery/homemade organic products9such as shampoo lotions and stuff) all GOOD. There was a sisterlock stand with ALL the sls products on sale. Also loc jewelry . One lady had amazing silver jewelry in ethnic designs. And a lock tool by locks royale I've never seen before. It looked a bit like the clip tool to me but it was all pure silver. I just feasted my eyes on all the different heads of locs, in an array of colours. I wish I had taken more pics.
The great thing is I got to see Kitty locs Den and Nai in the flesh. They're very very very good-looking and their locs Oh my! Den's are like a cascading waterfall.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Dear blog Fam....

I'm having some trouble with my computer. Can't check your beautiful blogs out. I'm hoping to get it fixed soon. I had a few posts in the making. Maybe I can get them on here photos and all . we'll see....
Yipeee, that worked. OK, I can do posts, see/post comments....I just can't view your blogs at the mo.