Monday, 1 September 2008

Arashia's twist-locs

Arashia's locs were started with 2 st twists. Tightened mainly with the nappyloc tool or bodkin. I'm not a fan of the latch-hook. I might try a crotchet-hook sometime. These pics were taken a week after being tightened by moi. She has 350 or more locs. Many of them would be the size of extra large sls. Some a lot thicker. Her hair is very dense and thick and U can hardly see the scalp even after retightening. She also put a bit of colour in some locs. We are trying to keep to a 4wk touch up schedule, but often find ourselves going 0ver 6wks. This last retight took about 3 days of doing a bit here and a bit there.It took longer bc there was so much growth, I had some repairs to do and I split 4 locs. There are 2 more to split near the crown. I'm leaving all the thick ones in the back intact as they're not really noticeable.


Amba said...

Ooh lovely locks!!! She looks just like a mini you. Good job!!

Anonymous said...

Her locks are beautiful!!! Love the highlights!

anthia-ofo said...

Thanks girls. Amba, she'll be glad to hear someone say she looks like me.