Sunday, 31 August 2008

homeschool end of era party

I'm a full time mum and home-educator. 4 of our 5 children are/were home-educated. This are pics from our 'end of Era' party. These are all home-educated kids.(my 3 boys are in the pics with friends). Some like daughter Mary(maroon/rust dress) and friend have moved on to college etc. The current leavers were brought in a horse-drawn carriage. This event took place in spring meadow farm, hertfordshire (UK) - acres and acres of beautiful scenery, valleys and 100s of pine trees, owned by dear friends who kindly opened their premises to us. It started with swimming, waterplay and barbeque. Then the children/young adults got dressed for the awards ceremony in the barn with some arriving in style! Later in the evening, entertained us with their musical skills playing violin, piano,guitar,drums singing. I thought I'd share something of another part of my life so y'all know I do something besides blogging about hair.

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