Monday, 29 September 2008

credit crunch?

It's time for my babies to be tightenend again and all I managed to do is tighten 1 1/2 locs out of 380. It's ridiculous. I can't seem to find the time, or get settled - there's always something....*sigh* I am at this very moment searching for Angela's card so I can call and make a booking. Somehow when I take 4-5hrs out of my day to go and get my hair done, everyone understands. We even have take-aways. But I'm attempting to DIY, dinner must be cooked per normal, everything must continue as is.. no interruption. But I won't grumble. I'm just going to have to ask hubby for the 50 quid to go and do the deed. Thankfully, God has blessed us in the middle of the credit crunch so I can actually afford it. But I'd rather save it and send it back home to my mother. I send money home regularly as do all my siblings to take care of my aging parents(all you africans will probably relate) but my mum's had some challenges and I want to up the total to get the extras she needs. We've had to hire extra help to help care for her and I want her to have whatever her lil' heart desires. My dad too, bless him. God's faithful and he will provide.


HappilyNappilyNish said...

That's sweet.

Thandi said...

Exactly what i'm going through right now.And DH - in Namibia at the moment!-has the nerve to say "Hmm, you're spending a lot of time doing your hair!" If only he knew that the free time I have to chat to him on google, is the one time when I can do my hair!!!

anthia-ofo said...

thandi, I'm glad someone understands.
happilynappily...thanks for the support.