Friday, 5 September 2008


I didn't quite know what to do with my hair so I wrapped it at the front. It made my locs look big and bushy. So that's how I wore it to Anne's 'do'. A wrap is a good standby when your locs won't behave.

My friend Anne(she has traditional locs) is the owner of photoartistry. This was the opening of their new premises. It was wonderful, especially since I had the priveledge of seeing the place when it was a huge, empty shell. Anne and her team worked very hard to transform this place and it includes offices, workshops, conference hall and gallery. If U want to know more about PhotoArtistry, just google it. They do some fabulous work on canvas acrylic and more. Anne is not only a business woman, she is an artist and a painter and has had quite a few exhibitions. She is one of the people who has encouraged me to revive my art skills and also make my dream of making hair/skin potions into reality. The 3 in above pic is Anne, Seiwa and me. We 3 have been friends for years, both in Ghana and UK. Seiwa,(in the middle) a former sisterlock wearer,is an artist too and very creative. She's the one who got me onto the Art journals(on my website and now she's hooked me on another. Regarding her hair, I wait with bated breath to see what she's gonna do. I'ts def going to be locked again, but I don't know what method she's going to go with.

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