Thursday, 7 August 2008

Doing clients' hair

Yesterday I drove my daughter to hemel-hempsted to do a client's hair. The day b4 I took her to Hatfield to do this young ladies' hair. She wanted temporary dreads. I had to go back to pic her up bc it was too late to get a bus. So anyway - hemel- to do 2st twists with afro kinky hair. Bear in mind I had taken her to Watford and back in the morning,( other direction from hemel) bc she had a meeting, I was tired and feeling like an unpaid driver. So I left her there and went to Garston to see my bro who just arrived from the US and was leaving today.(he's airline crew). He was drinking at a pub -Harvesters, so I joined him and killed 2 hrs talking with some guys we just met telling them hairy stories about Ghana. So she calls me to say am I coming to get her? And I rush back to this back of beyond place in hemel,cos I'm not familiar with this part of hemel, (how I retraced my steps in the dark I don't know). I get there ,only to discover she's only completed half the ladies' hair. So I settle down to help her and it turned out to be a very profitable and enjoyable time. The lady is a christian - with 2 lovely little girls, and we enjoyed a great time of fellowship and encouraging each other. We've made a friend and it was indeed a pleasure to do her hair.
It's my daughter Mary's birthday today, She's away at camp on the Isle of Wight. Happy 17th b'day Mer.

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