Monday, 11 August 2008

Be grateful

Just want to tell all U people in blogosphere, be grateful for what you've got. If U live in a sunny climate, enjoy it. Don't complain. U could be here in England, St Albans watching the summer drown in sheets of rain and cloudy skies. But I refuse to be downcast by mere weather. I've got a lovely hubby and 5 wonderful children. Each of those children love the lord. Instead of messing up and having teenage blues my kids are going to church, serving God, getting involved in evangelizing and getting awards at college. I'm so blessed, bc some kids are giving their parent's hell this very minute. My God gave Jesus, his best for me. He's also healed me, healed my kids, lifted me up, given me a business - no 2 or is it 3? Given me some lovely friends,including you in blogland. Did I say I'm blessed? In the midst of the credit crunch, God's increasing me and my family! We're moving up, not down. He's answered every prayer, strengthened me time and time again. He's simply amazing. I've come over so many impossible situations that some people say my life is like a movie with - a happy ending. The glory goes to God.
2 wks ago we were at a homeschool end of term party. Someone called me to say my son was hurt. I rushed out to see J lying on the ground screaming with his leg at a strange angle. Everyone crowded around saying the leg was broken and call 999. I sat on the grass next to him. I knew this wasn't the time to panic. It was time to get God's help. I laid my hand on him and started to pray. 1st thing God told me was, it wasn't broken. So we carried him to the house and put some ice on his knee where he wrenched it. He stopped crying and wanted to hobble about ,but I made him sit. a few days later he was running about as if nothing had happened, and I forgot all about it... that is until one lady (non christian) asked me this. What was it that kept U so calm in the midst of that bad situation. And how can he be Ok so soon?


3girlsmomma said...

Praise the Lord for his healing power! Your son is blessed to have a momma who knows how to get a prayer thru!

Our God is truly everpresent help in the time of trouble. What a witness you were/are to that non-Christan neighbor.

BTW... thx for the comment about my daddy's appearance. Back in the day, people would mistake my dad for my boyfriend. [You've gotta know that ALWAYS just made his day!]

Penny said...

That's a beautiful testimony to the power our lord Jesus. Yes he is good all the time in spite of our ungrateful complaining selves.

cheleski said...

God is SO GOOD!! you let him use you! keep being obedint!