Sunday, 10 August 2008

braiding and banding/DIY and NL tool

When I hit 3mths, I decided to just band my hair and wash. I got a great deal of slippage. Again at 6mths I gave it another shot. Still some slippage. I really don't like having to braid and band. It makes the shampoo-ing process seem tedious. I'm a wash and go kind of person. I don't even remember to style. This is why I like locs so much. But for now I will have to continue braiding and banding to avoid problems. I'm also trying to decide about DIY.
advantages: save money
take full controll of my hair
not dependent on any one.
not having to set aside 4-5hrs every 6wks to get my hair did.

disadvantages: have to spend several hrs(not in 1 chunk) doing my hair, when my time is already limited.
don't quite know how I'll manage due to painful upper arms and neck.(temporary in Jesus' name)
My hubby says I should just go and get it did cuz it's easier. But I like doing my own hair.

If I diy I'll be using the NL tool or my own tool. The NL tool I have is the medium size but I can 'pinch' it in to make it smaller. I don't want to spend $30(inc postage to UK) on a small one. Which brings me to a message I got from the owner of nappylocs. Apparently, she already has a design like the one I've got(amongst others) and had applied for a patent. Somebody suggested that she could just say that in order to discourage me from taking my tool any further. But I believe the lady. She is a christian, like me and I truly trust that she was being honest with me. So what does that mean? I wasn't really willing to find out bc I had more trouble than it was worth making that tool and it still needed improvements made to it. So I've shelved the idea. Infact, I'd rather sell the NL tool with the owner's permission, along with my other products, on my forthcoming website than make one. But we'll see.


3girlsmomma said...

I have retightening my locs twice and that was enough for me! I love having the skills to do my own hair...I just HATE doing it.

You have clearly outlined the pros/cons of DIY retightening so you are in the right mindset to pursue it. Go for it! I hear great things about the NL tool.

Personally, I used a hairpin and the SL tool to do my own hair. Used the SL tool where I could see and used the hairpin where I could not or in spots where I totally would tangle my SL tool. It worked for me!

anthia-ofo said...

Wow! I have great respect for sls-ers who retighten their own locs. I did my bradelocz when I had them but they were well under 200 locs. I've made an appt with my loctitian for tues cuz I was dithering so much, Meantime my roots are growing. Plus I'm busy ferrying 1 or other of my daughters around. This too shall pass.

anthia-ofo said...

Hey 3girlsmomma, U realise I dedided to use mineral makeup bc U made me aware of the benefits? I'm in UK so I've found some over here and I bought some samples. I'm so glad U put that on your blog.

Bajan Lily said...

Anthia-Ofo, did you launch your website? If so is it possible to get the NL tool in the UK?