Saturday, 2 August 2008

I did a sneaky thing-I did a loc extension!?! (6mth pics)

5mths - 6mths

loc- ext
..............with afrokinky hair

(all the 'fluff' u see in my hair are just my numerous grey hairs)

I decided to add extensions to 2 locs that were about 1in long. I only extended by about 2in to blend in with the rest of my locs. Apparently, you can take them down but I don't intend to. This is a no- no for sls (so don't try this at home lol!). I'm one of those that isn't afraid to experiment using moi as the model. I used afro kinky human hair, but I read about how this hair is obtained and it's quite off-putting. I don't mind people selling their hair to get money. After all, they have a right to do so if the price is right + they could be helping someone who's lost all or some of their hair. But the thought of hair coming from giant rubbish dumps, old brushes,yaks or even {shudder} corpses is a bit much! They only consolation is the hairs go through washing, colouring and chemical processing to get the right texture so all or any undesirables are surely dead by the time the reach the consumer. The alternative of course is synthetic hair, which may not last and could be itchy. I'm not a fan of weaves, although I wore my fair share back in the day. I realise this industry isn't going to disappear. There's a huge demand for it worldwide, whether it's for those wanting to change their looks every other week or those wishing to cover damage. When's the last time you saw a bald or part bald woman walking down the road? It is true that if black women didn't rely so heavily on chemicals and weaves many would avoid hairloss. But once it's occured it must grow back or be concealed right?


cheleski said...

HEY THERE! I've 'extended' as well..some 2 headed dragons...i stopped, it weakend one and it fell off where the y branched i'm afraid i compromised the lock...good to c ya over here!!

anthia-ofo said...

Thanks Chele. Did You use human or synthetic hair? I hear synthetic doesn't last.