Sunday, 1 May 2011

What! More hair pictures? It's a hair blog afterall

Just back from church where there was a (Ghanaian)baby dedication. We wore'white' cloth to support the family. White can be all white, black&white,blue&white,or other pale colour with lots of white background.
Anyway, I took some shots of my hair to show the latest failed attempt at curls. I know you wonderful ppl gave me sound advice to use some setting lotion. I was a bit scurred of putting it in my hair so I used aloe vera juice instead. whilst that was very healthy for my hair, it could not hold the curls.

I'm not one for styling much and will go months without. So curling in the space of 2 weeks is really something. The thing with locs is, it still manages to look'done' even when the curls fail. Basically you're the only one who knows the truth. Everyone else think your hair's great.

I wasn't posing, the wind blew my hair into my eye at the opportune moment.


paula said...

Hi Anthia,
Are you sure it's your daughter who got married lately? You look like a young nubile woman yourself! I mean every word!


Terez said...

Gorgeous. Beautiful! You've seen so much growth over the past few years! I cannot wait for my Sisterlocks to be your length.

Euphoria's Sisterlocks said...

you look beautiful!!

anthia-ofo said...

Paula, what a lovely compliment!
Thx Terez. you'll be there in no time.
Thank you euphoria I spent so much time drooling over your locs lol

Nubian1 said...

You looked lovely on my birthday! 1st of May!!