Saturday, 7 May 2011

KELEWELE-spicy ripe plantain

'Chopped and spiced uncooked ripe plantain'

This is spicy ripe plantain Called Kelewele. A popular snack in Ghana. It's sold after 6p.m in the evenings by the roadside, at junctions, near bars or wherever people congregate. Often accompanied by fried or roast peanuts. The kelewele woman will deep fry large amounts and you stand in a queue and get yours in a banana leaf or newspaper. My bro who's been addicted to this since he was a kid, bought us some nearly every evening in Ghana.(Actually he loves plantain in every form, mashed, boiled, fried, roasted, frittered, doughballed...) My kids are hooked. This is my version:

Get a nice soft ripe plantain.

Chop into small pieces.

Blend a little onion, garlic, scotch bonnet(or chilli) ginger.

Add some coconut oil(vegetable oil is ok) and mix.

Oil a foil covered tray.

Spread it out on the tray.

Bake in the oven.

It works just like you deep fried it. I cheated on this one and used powdered onion,garlic,chilli and ginger. The fresh stuff does give it that extra- more authentic taste


paula said...

It's called "aloco" in Ivory Coast. Beyond delicious!

anthia-ofo said...

You know it my sista! You can eat tons of the stuff.(For interested parties, Ivory Coast is next door to Ghana)

Amba said...

Hi Ofo. Nice. I've never tried baking 'sted of frying. I will do so as soon as my plantains in the pantry are ripe enough. Thanks for sharing.

Amba said...

Quick q.What temp do you bake it at and for how long. Thanks. Amba

anthia-ofo said...

Amba, gas mark 5 or 190 degrees celcius. Moderately hot for 20-30min. Take it out when the edges started to get golden brown.

Gerrylocs said...

hey anthia, I nominated you for the stylish blogger award :-)

Amba said...

Loved this Ofo. Tried it twice already worked like a charm. Thanks :)
Where are you now?

anthia-ofo said...

Wonderful Amba. I'm in the UK.

@Gerrylocs, Thx for the award. I just got it 3 posts back so I'll wait a bit. But thanks for the thought.