Friday, 13 May 2011

Cous-cous Jollof

This is an alternative to the usual Jollof made with rice. I used wholemeal couscous. As usual. I took some shortcuts..... I got 2 chicken breasts and chopped them. I spiced them with season-all, garlic and a little black pepper. I sliced 1 medium onion, chopped 2 cloves garlic, 1/2 scotch bonnet(chilli). Heated a little veg oil and put the chopped chicken in. When it was nearly 'pink-free', I put in the rest of the ingredients and fried them all together until onions looked translucent.
I added a can of chopped tomatoes. Actually I blended it first cos my kids don't like lumps. I squeezed in some tomato paste and stirred it all up. I put in 2 knorr chicken stock cubes. I let it all simmer for a bit.(10 min?)

I emptied a can of sweetcorn into it. I put in some chopped sweet peppers. I adjusted seasonings adding more black pepper, salt etc. Let it simmer some more until it tasted right.

I put in about 400g couscous and stirred it all. I allowed it to remain on very low heat for about 5 min. DONE! Sprinkle some chopped corriander on top. I hardly ever really cook with precise measurements. Just go by gut instinct!


Nai said...

Might try this today, was planning on doing some jollof. Off i go to the kitchen! ;))

Expanding Beauty said...

I love jollof rice! I've being wanting to try it but with quinoa instead, I can't eat cous cous because I am allergic to gluten. Great recipe thanks for this:)

Nai said...

Hey Ofo! Hope you are well. Sorry for the late response! Blogger did not notify me that anyone had posted a comment!! not impressed!

Question 1. I Love Juicy. It can be purchased as small size (see my shampoo basket image) and is approx £4 ( still using, 3 months so far)

No I dont dilute. (umm cos i think i forgot that instrucion) but I dont think it has made any difference. Hope that helps :)

anthia-ofo said...

Oh, then I can try it without spending too much Nai. Thx for the info. I'm about to make black soap shampoo with aloe vera,coconut oil and EOs. I've tried adding fragrance but I think it'smells better without(I'm very fussy about smells)- The thing is I can't resist a lovely fragrance and I'll buy a fragrant shampoo esp when it gets a good review from the tester!

Sheila London said...

Expanding beauty, I found this site because I was searching for a jellof recipe that uses quinoa as an alternative. I'm trying to lose weight and eat healthy and have heard quinoa is the way forward lol! Pleeease tell me if you made it, and how you got on!