Wednesday, 4 May 2011


This is a must- have book. If you can only afford 1 loc book, then let it be this one. Written by Michele George as part of the KNOTTY TRUTH series,it aims to empower the woman who wants to grow locs, help her embrace the beauty of her crown thereby free-ing her from hair slavery. It focuses on and contains everything you ever wanted to know about locs. How to start, how to maintain, how to take them down. All your questions are answered in detail. This is a How- To manual covering every type of loc in existence today. The book begins by giving you the background and history of locs. The author's holistic approach is evident throughout the book, and it's packed with natural recipes and the like. For those of you with a scientific mind - you won't be disappointed because you get the get the chemistry, the biology and the physics.(I wasn't suprised when I found out that the author is the holder of multiple science degrees!) Detailed diagrams break it all down for you. The research was thorough. What's more, the reader is treated to lovely before and after photos.Ordinary women who started their locs with various methods. Many of them DIY-ing. It even includes interviews with some of them, an absolute delight! Michele has taken the mystery out of locking. There's even a section on how to take down - with photos, if you ever want to cross that bridge. Like a breastfeeding mum who digests the food before feeding her babe, she has done all the hard work by revealing, analysing, uncovering,setting forth and getting down to brass tacks everything you want to know about locking and made it available to you- need I say more?

It's available on Amazon, or from

Cosmetologists,stylists, natural hair consultants will be using this comprehensive guide in their shops/classrooms. Get yours while it's available.

Personally I was amazed at how much information there was contained in this book. I've been locking my hair since 2005 (except for 4 months when I unlocked) yet I learned a great deal reading it. I've already began to implement some of what I discovered and my locs are well on their way to being healthier than ever before.


rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued) said...

Thanks, I better go and get this book ;)

anthia-ofo said...

You won't be disappointed.