Monday, 23 May 2011

Apple cider vinegar or other vinegars?

How to make a vinegar hair rinse using Apple Cider Vinegar and essential oils.
Put 2 cups ACV or other vinegar in a glass jar(with lid)
Add essential oils. I added peppermint, clary sage,lavender, orange,thyme,rosemary about 6 drops each.
Mix it well. Cover and allow it to sit for a day or 2 to blend well.
To use: mix 1/2 tbs with 1 cup water. use these proportions and use as a last rinse. Massage well into the scalp.

I used an old salsa jar.

Making sure it is well mixed. Leave it to sit somewhere for 1-2 days. The EOs enhance the conditioning properties of vinegar and stimulate the scalp as well as masking the smell (if you're one of those that hate the odour)

People often wonder if ACV(apple cider vinegar) is the only vinegar that can be used as a hair rinse. You can really use ANY kind of vinegar. You can use different types of vinegars such as white wine vinegar,even distilled white vinegar can be used. All vinegars share similar acidic properties and will clean your scalp and restore ph balance to normal. However ACV, especially organic RAW ACV with the'mother of vinegar' in it has peculiar properties of it's own. It has minerals and chemicals that make it particularly good for taking internally. It detoxifies, has potassium to help prevent brittle teeth and hair loss, pectin to lower cholesterol,malic acid-anti viral anti bacterial & anti fungal,Calcium to promote strong bones,Ash, which helps your body maintain proper Ph levels,Acetic acid which slows digestion and can help lower glucose levels, to name a few benefits. Many refined vinegars will have most (not all) of the nutrient value stripped, even refined ACV, but there is still great benefit in using (refined)vinegar as a hair rinse and conditioner. So if all you have is white wine vinegar or rice vinegar, go ahead and give it a go. (dilute it!) It will remove scaly build-up,give you a truly clean scalp, make the hair cuticle smoother, get rid of dandruff. Generally, it's great for keeping your locs and your scalp happy&healthy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Anthia-Ofo, I've been lurking on your blog for ages but have never commented. I wanted to thank you for being a UK voice of sisterlockdom.

I did have a question about where you get apple cider vinegar and shea butter in the UK. I commend you on showcasing the Ghanaian culture beautifully.


anthia-ofo said...

Kay, thanks.Back when I 1st locked my hair I was desperate to find info. The only info/blogs were from USA. Finding anything on this side of the ocean was like looking for a needle in a haystack. I started blogging in hopes that my loc adventures would help someone. I'm still suprised when I find a fellow Brit/european locked head blogging about their hair. I get ACV from Holland&barrat or health food stores. Alternatively, get Cider vinegar from the supermarket.(It's the same) If you want the raw stuff, search the healthfood stores. I bring shea butter from Ghana. If you are interested in purchasing email me:

Anonymous said...

Thanks anthia-ofo. I'll look in H&B near me. I've been using malt vinegar since I can buy it dirt cheap from costco. less than 3 quid for 5 litres. Will let you know about the shea butter. Thanks for replying.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. Its really good to see a post from someone in the UK. Where can I buy those essential oils? and can i use vitamin e and jojoba oil as my essential oils until i'm able to buy those you listed? Thanks Lily

anthia-ofo said...

Yes you can use vit E and jojoba as they're both beneficial to the scalp even though they're not EOs. You can get EOs from H&Barrat some chemist and healthfood stores.