Thursday, 29 April 2010

Water is your best friend

As you know I've begun to p a y more attention to my locs and am doing everything I can to increase moisture. I thought back to when I had Traditional locs and how soft and pliable they were as opposed to dry and stiff. One major difference between now and then is, I rinsed my locs A LOT. I mean I did prolonged rinsing from NP, I co-washed, and spritzed 2 or 3 times a day. Frequent rinsing is not practical for long locs or during the cold weather. And I know the water here (UK)is HAAARRRD! But, defenitely upping the length of time rinsing and spritzing a lot does make a difference. Apart from acv rinses, I would sometimes use bottled/filtered water as my final rinse.
Don't forget to Drink plenty of Water too!

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dewdrop said...

I agree. Water is great for our hair and I consume as much as possibly on a daily basis. I've noticed a difference not only in the health of my hair, but my skin as well.