Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I'm getting more moisture and dumping the 'no oil' routine

My scalp and locs have been really dry. I mean even my sis told me they looked dry whilst I was in one of the hottest most humid sweaty places in the world(Ghana) and I was drinking water by the gallon. This led me to think perhaps I need to try adding moisture from the outside too. I let things slide a bit, but now I've decided to do something.


I'll be taking omega 3s, codliver oil, b complex, barley grass and maybe biotin. I might modify this later.

I'll make an effort to drink more water.(This is hard in the UK).

I'll add aloe vera juice to my diet.


Condition 1x3mths with diluted condish.

Condition with herb teas such as camomile(thanks chele) after every wash.

Continue ACV rinses as and when needed.

Mist my scalp with a mixture of essential oils/jojoba/shea oils in water 1xweekly.

spritz my locs with essential oils/oils/water/honeysuckle water/aloevera juice daily.

*always make sure you do roughly 1 part total oils to 10-15 parts water*

I made a mixture of EOs(lavender, tea tree,peppermint)/jojoba/shea oils in water and put a fine mist of the mix, all over my scalp. I was very suprised when my scalp 'drank' the mixture and it was all absorbed very quickly. What does that mean? I didn't think I needed much by way of oils on my scalp. Also I was practicing the Sls 'no oil' routine. As it is, oiling my scalp, or rather 'misting' with a watery oil mix,will now be part of my routine. The toothbrush you see in the pic is what I used to evenly distribute the oils and massage my scalp. I use it to brush my hairline too. It's a really soft baby toothbrush. I discovered whilst spring cleaning, that I have Vatika oil and Healing herbs with over 20 EOs. So I have more than enough to keep me going for a long while.

My locs are 2 1/2yrs old, they're pretty much settled and can withstand a lot more...in other words if you're a SL newbie, I wouldn't advice you to dump the 'no oil' routine like I've done.


laloced said...

ever since I added sprizing to my routine, my locs are soooo moisturised. Los Angeles is on the dry side so I spritz my hair everyday

anthia-ofo said...

Yes pritzing helps. I wasn't doing it everyday. Now I think I need it at least 2x a day.

The knotty Truth said...

ur blog is all fancy and stuff now! let us know how the moisture treatment goes!


anthia-ofo said...

Lol thanks chele. Thanks to the 'cutest blog on the block' they've got some really cool stuff.
I swear my locs/scalp have improved already. I don't know why I wasn't paying attention before...

Nubian1 said...

Me likey your new blog design.

Thanks for the info Ofo. The problem with me and my dry skin/hair issues is that I find ACV very drying.... = (

anthia-ofo said...

Oh dear nubian! What are we to do with you eh? Try aloe vera juice/gel instead of acv cos that's really soothing and moisturising.