Sunday, 25 April 2010

2yrs 3months sisterlocks

Look how much it's grown.
Some locs in the back have doubled in size.
Not sure what (if anything) to do about them.
My new moisture routine is working.
Just rediscovered another moisture source,
water!!!! Hehehe. Drink it, spritz it, rinse, but it's
Another blog post for another day.


msfullroller said...

Your locs are looking fantastic! Good the moisture routine is working.

anthia-ofo said...

Thanks. Re:moisture, I think my locs were suffering from Neglect! Even Now, I have to keep on top of the routine, drinking my water taking my omega3s using my spritz.There's a HUGE difference between my TLS and SLS and it's this moisture thang! I'll do a post about it shortly.

Nai said...

I think I missed the moisture routine, been sooo busy at work all I could do was read blogs BRIEFLY!!, but one major event has now passed so am able to be more interactive! you are looking lovely and your locks look so healthy. Keep us posted on your moisture trail,I need some too, need to adjust my routine drastically at the moment. bless x

anthia-ofo said...

Nai, did you post a message? I think it disappeared down a black hole. Sorry. Pls repost

Anonymous said...

Nice, Very Nice~
Take care~

anthia-ofo said...

Thank you Queen.

@Nai, Ur post re-appeared! Stranger then fiction!!

Nai said...

cyber world ...anything can happen !!! :)