Monday, 26 April 2010

Americans! How about you send these Brits back home?

"British Family tell US hotel they do not want to deal with black staff or anyone with a foriegn accent." This request was put on a computer and a black waiter(on his way to serve them) was stopped. The waiter is suing the Ritz Carlton in Naples in Florida.
So why didn't the Ritz ask the family to leave? Cos it is they who are foriegn WITH the foreign accent. Americans have American accents (not british). And all sorts of colours make up America, so they should have stayed in their pitiful Home in whatever unfortunate part of the UK they're from. B'cos they are quite likely to run into a black, mixed race,asian, eastern european face when they step out their front door.
I hope you Americans realise these Brits wouldn't even try this fool trick here(UK).
God help them.


Denise said...

Unbelievable! I did not hear about this story. I am going to look it up now.

anthia-ofo said...

It's an absolute disgrace! In 2010. They know they cant do this here, so they try to pull it off in the USA and get away with it!!!!

Anna Renee said...

The US of A is on a very fast downward spiral. In integrity, in classiness, in culture, in comportment, in "tolerance" and many black folks and all races really are at a loss to explain what's going on! But it seems to have intensified exponentially with President Obama being sworn in and making those changes that the same people voted him in to do!
There seems to be a great white fear of the rest of the peoples of the world going on right now--is it because they feel there is some sort of power shift, because of the black Pres of the US? I dont know, but I wish a psychologist would come out and do an assessment, quick!