Friday, 20 April 2012

yarn intergreted into my locs

I have found a way of adding locs to my locs using a combination of yarn and fake hair. It's nearly undetectable. The only drawback is, it takes a bit of time to do. Eventually it will have to be taken out and re-done. I'm sure I can offer this to ppl, but you can't really DIY (I managed with lot's of help). It really has to be done by another person bc they can see the gaps at the top or back of your head and you can't.

Not bad eh?


Bajan Lily said...

Book me in!

anthia-ofo said...

Lol, you have to have existing locs for it to work. BTW, I saw the LF loc weave on your blog. Have you investigated that? I've thought abt locs for a full or partial wig, but is there a LF wig with the right texture? How come nobody on this side of the pond offers loc weaves/fillers/intergretion? There's a business right there methinks.

Cheleski aka KnottyAuthor Kicken The Truth said...

interesting-to keep in or for a temporary style?