Monday, 16 April 2012


It started on friday 23rd 2012. We woke early. The house was filled with relatives and close friends of my mother. Huge pots of Okra, meat stew bubbled merrily away. Mountains of fried fish, pepper and kenkey. Akara(bean doughnut) Coco(millet pap) gallons of tea/soft drinks bread. We were asked to present the sponge soap perfume etc(pictured) for our mum. Traditionally for washing the body, now a ritual. After this we went to the funeral home to prepare mum.( I had help wash her bc Im a daughter. My older sis couldnt hack it) The hearse took her to her dad's then mum's houses amid gunshots singing dancing etc. Finally they brought her home. We'd decorated a room for her.She was laid in state. We added a few finishing touches to her make-up and and friends did the file past. To be contd.


Katya said...

I am sorry for your lost, but I like your beautiful red dresses.

Take Care~

Kittylocks said...

Please accept my condolences, you all gave your Mother a very good send off, she would be proud of you x