Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Ruben, the Miracle boy

The world's been rivetted by the Libyan plane crash horror and the little boy who was the sole survivor. I've prayed for the little fella every day since that day. I could barely comprehend how an adult can survive something as terrifying as a plane crash,let alone a kid. The overwhelming joy I felt that he was alive was tempered by the sad fact that he was now alone in this world. I followed the story moment by moment, wondering how God managed to save him and what it is he is meant to do in this life. His survival is nothing short of a miracle, and I pray that God places him in the right hands to nuture and bring him up to his full potential. No one except the hardest of hearts can fail to be moved by this story. Each day I rushed to the internet to find out how little Ruben was doing, my tears mixed with laughter cos 'he's out of danger'. I don't know this boy, yet I feel as if he's mine.
Ruben I thank God for your survival, even though it must be bewildering to be without your parents and brother. God will keep you. The whole world knows you now. You have (unknown to you) become part of our lives. And we, who had never heard of you before this, now pray for you and wish you a speedy recovery.


Thandi said...

So true!I even went to his dad's blog and saw how many messages there were there.So moving.

anthia-ofo said...

Yes. The blog's become a memorial. It shows there are so many good kind caring and loving people out there. God bless them all and especially little Ruben.