Thursday, 27 May 2010

Retightening, nearly 3 months since the last.

Has anyone who has sisterlocks/microlocs gone 3 months before retightening? What was your experience? My last R/T was in the 1st week in march, so it's been nearly 3 mths. To be precise, it's 11 weeks. I have started doing handfuls of locs here and there. As you may know, I don't do my whole head in one sitting. And I no longer do it in 2 or 3 evenings as I used to. I now take a rather relaxed approach, doing handfuls of locs whilst I'm reading or watching something. I don't worry about misssing some days cos I'll always have time another day to continue. If going 3 mths is not detrimental to my locs, then I might do just that. I remember QueenLi mentioning something about Retightening once every 3mths. She has microlocs and it seems to be working okay for her. Queen if you're reading this, please confirm if I'm right or wrong. I'm also glad to report that my ex-thin area is doing well. As a result I haven't used my loc piece in a while. I must say life is much better without one, but if you need it, don't feel bad. Only you know what you're having to deal with. And very often hair can and will grow back given time and the right conditions.
PS: I'm averaging 2 &1/2 rotations per loc.


Nubian1 said...

Wow 3 MONTHS!!!! goodness...i'll be looking at 3 maybe 4 rotations. This month for example i have retightened TWICE. It was my first time retighting at 3weeks, not suprisingly it didnt take nearly as long with just 1 full rotation. WHY? Guess i got bored and had nothing better to do!!! lol

anthia-ofo said...

Yeah, most locs are 3+ rotations, but I averaged it out cos some on the edges were 1& 1/2 rotations.IA when I R/T at 4 wks it's a bit quicker. But this is an experiment so we'll see.