Saturday, 15 May 2010

FOOD COLOUR rinse and CONDITIONING with herbs

My friend who has long traditional locs, colours with food colour. I wanted to try it, with a slight twist, whilst conditioning my locs at the same time.
I assembled the ingredients.......

I decided to dye or rather, do a colour RINSE with coffee and food colour. I wanted to condition my hair too, and thought why not do it all-in-one? So, Put a large scoop of dried Nettles, and dried chamomile flowers and let it simmer in some boiling water. I added several large tbs of powdered coffee(the instant type). I let it cool down and strained it. I added the food colour at this stage. Red, green, yellow - about 5:2:1.

I washed my hair with my herby black soap and rinsed well,ie dunked my head in a bucket of water several times. (This is what I do instead of a strong shower cos I haven't got one.) I rinsed with diluted ACV. Then I dunked my head in my coffee/food colour solution. I poured it through my locs with a scoop repeatedly. Finally I rinsed it with some water and wrapped it in a towel.
I got a nice tint to my locs even though my greys are still grinning at me. Next time, I'll make a stronger solution with the coffee, (maybe use ground coffee in a filter), add dried SAGE, green tea and food colour, put it in those colouring applicator bottles and apply it that way. The addition of green tea will further moisturise and Sage will darken the greys better.


Although I put the nettles and chamomile in with the other ingredients, I think it would be better to condition first, let it semi-dry and then colour. That way I'll get more vibrant colour. But my locs have never felt more conditioned than they do now. I can hardly believe the way they feel. Soft and pliable.
Note the reddish/brown tint in my hair. For those looking for a natural way to colour, this could be an option. And coffee moisturises as well,so it's all good stuff. It can be repeated weekly to maintain colour.


Nubian1 said...

Ha ha Ofo, you dont miss a trick do you???

anthia-ofo said...

Hahaha! You know I had to try the food colour. I'm going to give it another go next wash day!!!

msfullroller said...

I know this is going to sound dumb but does sage give a brown tint or is it closer to black?

msfullroller said...

I hit the post comment button too fast. Your locs are looking fabulous!

anthia-ofo said...

Thx msfullroller, I think it gives a brown tint, but I'm not too sure. I'm only starting to use it now.