Sunday, 17 January 2010

We must do something!!!

The scale of the Haitian disaster is mind boggling. I read that very little relief is getting through and many of the injured who were initially rescued from crushed buildings have died due to lack of food, water,medical supplies and doctors. As if the situation couldn't get any worse, there are rampaging gangs with machetes, raping and pillaging and looting shops. I'm asking all who believe in the God who answers prayer to join in interceding for these people. The situation is desperate,food&water scarce, the stench unbearable. Thank God for all who are giving and those volunteering their skills. Let's pray that things get moving and supplies get to those who most need it. I pray the people themselves realise this is the hand of the enemy, and turn to God, and God, alone who is more than able to rescue. Let us give what we can. I believe various charities are stepping in including churches and christian organisations, and they will need our donations. I pray each one of us is led to give in the right place, not to those seeking to line their pockets off human misery and suffering. Every one can do something, even if it's praying for those trapped in this Nightmare, and those going into danger to help them.


NubianLockedPrincess said...

I have some co workers who lost their relatives in Haiti, my Nurse Manager`s family members included. I have donated money to the Red Cross. As a Nurse , I feel helpless. My chruch prayed for them and we are donating to the cause.

Nubian1 said...

I wept yesterday evening when i saw the news. Infact viewers were warned to turn away as it made for distressing viewing. It was the shot were the lorry was dumping the bodies in a land fill and i saw a body of a toddler face down with a diaper still on.....Ofo in this the 21st was hard to believe!!! MAY ALL THEIR SOULS REST IN PERFECT PEACE...AMEN

anthia-ofo said...

Nubianlocked, it's so sad. I don't know anyone personally, but it's still awful. Good on you for giving. Our church is raising funds, so I'm giving there.
Nubian1 I know, I wept too. The horror is unimaginable. I was on my knees last night calling on God for his mercy on those poor people.