Saturday, 16 January 2010

Goodbye Lenrie, till we meet again on that great day...

I've just come back from a friend's funeral. She fought hard and long, lost the battle (unexpectedly), but won the victory. Dear Lenrie is in heaven. I did not see much of her, but those few times we met up, usually at an old school dinner 'do', Anne & I would be on the same table with Asabea (Len's good friend) and Lenrie. Of course, it was Asab who arranged it so we'd sit together, sometimes heckling the poor speaker. (Those fund raising dinners will never be the same without you Lenrie). We had a lot of laughs. I'm not exagerating when I say Lenrie could talk - fast, very fast. Nobody escaped her wit, sharp tongue and humour. How this woman managed to be to stay cheerful, devising ways to help others whilst she herself was in such pain, is a testament to how strong and courageous she was.
There were over 500 people at her funeral today - in the pouring London rain! Everyone who knew her was there. Old Achimotans, old girls&boys from the Cape Coast schools, Old guys from UST, work mates, relatives friends Oh my! I could see the undertakers were overwhelmed. They had to squeeze past us, just to get the coffin by. British funerals consist of 10-20 if they are blessed enough to have folks come.
They gave Lenrie a fitting tribute, and a send-off fit for the Queen that she was. The attire was black&white(signifying victory). Her coffin, drapped in authentic Ashanti kente, and old achimotan colours. The Ashanti funeral dirge was played on a flute, akan songs sang to worship Osagyefo, (the title to address His majesty God the King). Every song was well chosen. One of my favs was, 'it is well with my soul'. She is resting in the arms of the Lord, in perfect peace.
I wasn't able to take any pics, bc of the sheer size of the crowd.


Nubian1 said...

Is this the same lady you told me about when we last met? May her soul rest in peace.

anthia-ofo said...

Yes it is. They waited 1 month to bury her b'cos her parents and family travelled fron Ghana US etc