Friday, 1 January 2010

all these gifts to wecome 2010

a few of the lovely pressies my kids and hubby gave me. I was so touched as I really wasn't expecting much, but everybody seemed to want to give me something. Even on 31st dec my friends had a big pressie waiting for me when I took the boys there. I got a designer shirt, perfume,some cool boots, lovely dolphin bronze statuette, aromatherapy oils& bath stuff from Lush, a big woolie hat that fits my locs from river island!! to mention a few things. Well I'm really grateful. But I'm even more thankful to God who has kept me and my family. We spent new year's eve in church, reviewing the past year and giving thanks to God for all he has brought us through, and thanking him for 2010 and the new opportunities he's bringing our way. Friends, I firmly believe in my heart that for me and my family, the best is yet to come! Good things are on their way to us this year. The blessings will flow, and we in turn can be a bigger blessing to others. God put this on my heart so strongly that I shared in church and from the response that came I gather God touched some others, in the same way.

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