Thursday, 18 June 2009

Loc statistics.

Install date : 24-25th 2008

Install time: 25+ hrs

Starting length: 1-6ins

Texture: coily and fine

Colour: Dark brown and silver

Lock size: medium/large

Lock count: 370 ish f(or now), combined several.
(2-3 locs grew where there was none.)
Pattern: R3PT - I'm not sure if this exists in SL literature. I may have departed from the fold.

Tool: Yarn needle

DIYing since Jan 2009 ( I went faithfully to a consultant for my retights for 1yr, 1mth)

ReTi: every 6 wks over 4 to 7 days.(I'll try and pick up speed).


Thandi said...

What is R3PT?

Maxizone said...

Hi, I have an award tag for you - see my blog.

anthia-ofo said...

Thandi, it's the same as 3pt, but in reverse. I just find it easier to do it that way, so I call it Reverse 3pt, but it may already exist LOL.

Thanx Maxizone....