Thursday, 25 June 2009

Athletics - (under15s ) County champion 2009!

WELL DONE Christian!! Christian is my 2nd son and 4th child. He's 14yrs old and thoroughly enjoys his athletics. He trains 2-3x a week and takes part in every championship we allow him to go to. He won the GOLD medal in the under 15s hurdles in the county schools athletics(the only home tutored youngster), much to the officials' suprise as he's never competed with the schools. He's no stranger to winning though - he has quite a collection of medals and trophys, most of them gold. He was really excited when he smashed the club record the ff week in both hurdles and long jump, also taking the lead in high jump. Now ranked no.1 in the county and no.4 in the country, his success was reported in the local newspapers. Now he's been selected to represent the county in the English schools athletics championships in sheffield. It's a 2-3 day event and will be televised(sky sports). He's a real credit to us. A very gentle boy, Very quiet, very focused, and unassuming, he's remained humble through all this, making sure to give the glory to God. I'm glad to say he takes his academic work equally serious and his average score is 98-100% in his pace work.


Nubian1 said...

So Ofo shall we look out for this young man at the 2012 olympics then?? I have a feeling he will grace our TV screens when we host the games, he will be old enough wont he or does he fall short by months? My son is going to be 15 tomorrow but sports....not remotely interested!

anthia-ofo said...

He'll be 17 then so it's certainly a possibility. Isn't it funny how kids are so different. His own bro has zero interest in athletics! Sailing, kayaking- yes but running? you must be kidding!