Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Caca brun and bio-identical progesterone cream

It's been a while. I'm thinking of dyeing my hair - finally. I've got a box of 3 or 4 different dyes(rinse, semi permanent, demi- permanent, permanent), but I can't bring myself to use any. I'd rather avoid all and any chemicals so.... I'm going for Henna. Lush henna to be precise. I was encouraged by nubian1's results so I've ordered caca brun. I don't do much with my hair. Freestyle mostly, occasionally crinkles. Also it's time for another reTi already. I should be very happy my hairs sprouting so, but I wish I could spend that £50 and get Angela to do it. But I won't complain. I can do it. My arms are much better. The pain's lessened a lot. I don't know what that was all about. Dr didn't know what it could be and mentioned fibromyalgia which I promptly rejected. I had been experiencing strange symptoms, hot/cold flushes, pains+aches, insomnia etc so dr wanted me to go on HRT. I refused and decided to do some research as is my habit when confronted with something I don't understand. I came across Natural progesterone and found out that the majority of women ( and men too!)are lacking in this vital hormone ( especially for women,during perimenopause/menopause, production can be down to zero, and lack of it gives rise to all manner of symptoms such as PMT, bloating,PCOS, hot/cold flushes,fatigue,hair loss, depression. This is because we're exposed to so many eostrogenic foods and chemicals. Infact xeno-estrogens are everywhere and it's causing people to become eostrogen dominant. Read more about it on this website:http://www.progesteronetherapy.com/progesterone-therapy.html Supplementing with natural progesterone cream over weeks and months helps to restore the right balance. I ordered some bio identical progesterone cream and with my Dr's blessing, started rubbing it on my skin 2x day.Not all over, you rotate the area each time e.g chest arms legs etc. Initially the hot/cold flushes intensified, and I felt drowsy, like a zombie, but I'd been warned this might happen. I persevered and now all my symptoms have been reduced. I'm not there yet, but I'm steadily improving. My sleep is much better since I started taking melatonin, another hormone that regulates sleep. I expect renewed hair growth too, that part of the condition that natural progesterone can correct. I do not have a camera right now (I loaned mine to my bro cos he broke his here en route to Ghana) but I'll get it back soon and will update with some hair photos and also what this progesterone cream looks like.


Nubian1 said...

Ofo you know what the issue is don't you? YOUNG AGE!!!!

Glad to see you're on top of things. I hate it when docs say things like...'its going to keep happening' I ALWAYS reject his words and say something like 'not if I can help it'.

anthia-ofo said...

LOL Nubian, I just love the way you put it! Sure makes me feel better. ITA with you about rejecting DRs negative words!!!!