Monday, 22 June 2009

2nd award

This is my 2nd award in a short space of time, so I will not nominate anyone...yet. However, I would like to thank Maxizone for honouring me with it. I hope to step up the game and do some serious blogging. But, here are a fews thing I like......
I love to curl up with a good book. I used to be an avid reader (in my teens) and would finish a big bk in 1day. My dad introduced me to reading when I was about 6 and he loved to take my brother and I to the library. He also organised reading competitions between us, and the winner often got a new bk. Now my fav is real -life stories of stalwart men and women of God.
I enjoy eating a meal cooked by someone else. That's bc I cook almost everyday.
I like watching my son Christian doing athletics.
I like making wax paintings(when I'm totally undisturbed)
It's a real joy to chat with friends.
I enjoy a good/sound sleep
Hearing a good uplifting faith building challenging exciting sermon is so worth it.

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Thandi said...

Yep...Reading!Another thing we have in common.And true hey, I used to know those stages off by heart but kinda forgot about them!Thanks for the reminder.