Sunday, 29 March 2009

reTighteing Ara's locs,long after 2 mths.

The 1st pic is of 2st twists installed in feb 2007 to begin the locking process. Ara's locs today in march 2009, being retightened -by me, using the nappyloc tool, using R4 pattern. Her locs are thick so the medium sized nappyloc tool is the ideal tool for dem locs. She had about 1 1/2 in growth from over 2 mths. There was some repair work to be done, plus I started about 6 new locs from loose hair. You can see a baby loc at the hairline. Her locs are 2 yrs 2 mths old. They started out as small 2 strand twists. See here: I did 2 rows in the back and went to her local braider down the rd(GHANA) and showed them what I wanted done. It took 4 young ladies under 1hr(45/50min) to put in 305 twists. They charged about $5.00 for this service.I also taught them to retighten using the latch-hook and nappy tool. They did a pretty good job maintaining her locs the 1st year, charging her very little or nothing cos she was a student!


tania said...


I'm so glad i;ve come across you and your twin sisters blogs. I'm in London and seriously considering sisterlocks - to be honest i'm there. I made some enquiries with sisterlocks consultants and whilst there costs are fair in comparison to how much money one would spend on weaves and braids - its a lot for a 23 year old student. So reading this blog about this student and how she managed to get sisterlocks i'm inspired. I'm coming to Accra, Ghana this summer (God willing) (August - October)to do some work experience at Korle-bu and if possible would love to get in touch with you and get your advice as to how I can get locked whilst out there. I'm tired of being a slave to my hair!

If you can please reply - i'm now an avid blog follower of yours :)


Thandi said...

It has grown since those first days!Good job.

anthia-ofo said...

Hi Tania, you may be confusing me with Ama(SL trainee,Ghana) and/or Amba (SL consultant,ATL) as I'm not a twin LOL. Arahsia's locs are not Sisterlocks. They are small locs started with the 2st twist method and you end up with a similar look. Whilst she was living in Ghana (2007), I went to visit and we decided to start her locs this way to save £££. We both live in the UK. Contact me here: for more info. I can give you Ama's contact, or if you're interested, we both install locs using this method. We do charge for our services,but it's considerably less than sls. If you know what you're doing, you can get a braider to put in small 2st twists when you get to Ghana and it'll be dirt cheap.