Thursday, 26 March 2009

Jade Goody knew Jesus. She wisely secured her place in eternity

I'm not a reality TV fan,(IMO it's full of mindless drivel, fusses and fights and reinforces all that's awful about society today) and I wondered what all the fuss was about Jade Goody, UK's reality TV star who rose from humble beginnings to become a very rich woman. Something caught my eye one day and I found myself reading about her fight with cervical cancer on the news. I noticed that this young woman was a fighter. I couldn't help admiring the courage she displayed in the midst of pain, facing death. How she determined to exploit the media attention to raise as much money as possible for her 2 small sons, now being raised by their dad. As I began to follow the story, I discovered that she was indeed very close to death. I felt compelled to pray that this dear girl would make her peace with God and put her trust in Jesus. I knew many others must be praying for her too. When we heard she'd died, aged only 27yrs, on mother's day, I looked at my daughter Arashia. I said 'I know she went to heaven, I've got that gut feeling.' She said 'me too, I have the same feeling.' Later as I read the news surrounding her death, I found she had been baptised alongside her kids and made a statement to the effect that she wanted them to know Jesus so hopefully they'd keep in touch through him as she was going to be with him! Wow! I thought this woman achieved a lot in her short life, publicly repented, admited she'd made some poor choices in life - yes- she had an unfortunate background, not very educated - nevertheless, wasn't ashamed to mention Jesus' name publicly and let it be known that she believed in him. This woman certainly had guts even if it was her bad behaviour on mindless TV that propelled her to fame. She was smart enough to marry, barely a month ago, saving her kids £1million which the taxman would not have hesitated to grab. She not only raised awareness of the disease, she secured her sons' financial future, and left amounts to various charities. To think she endured being in the spotlight whilst very ill, to raise money for those kids knowing that she'd never see a penny of it. This woman has been criticised, called names, 'thick' etc Maybe she was and she can't help that, she didn't choose her parents. But who are we to sit in judgement over her? Would we really behave differently if we'd had her rough upbringing, if we'd been in her shoes? At least she chose the right thing in the end, and that can't be said of everyone who's 'laying' into her. She took care of this natural realm for her boys' sake, but cerainly did not neglect her spirit and made secure her place in eternity. At the end, she became a Wise young woman.