Thursday, 25 August 2011

SL salon formula shampoo

I meant to blog about this shampoo and completely forgot. Anway, here goes: it's the sisterlocks Salon shampoo concentrate(aloe formula). This shampoo is recommended for those who have straighter wavy ,curls,looser coils. I was very suprised to fall into this category. In my mind I'm still in the tighter kinky coil group. But it made sense bc my hair took forever to loc, unravelled constantly and indeed if I had a mind to I could probably undo all my locs with some detangling condish.
First of all the fact that it contain a less harsh cleaning agent than sls was a plus from me. I loved the results on my locs. They were clean but not stripped. It has a clean smell.
But look at some of the ingredients: Organic aloe vera juice,water,sodium olefin sulfonate,lemon peel oil,soluble collagenbutcher's broom,soap bark,sweet almond oil,evening primrose,lavender oil,liquorice,carrot seed oil,gotu kola,parsley seed oil,borage/sunflower oil,horse chestnut,pro vit b5.
Initially I thought it was rather pricey at about £11.00, but it's concentrated and you actually end up with 3x as much. (In my case 4x as much) You get a measuring bottle.
So my question is, why aren't SLs products such as this used more by sisterlockers in the UK? Is it bc it's difficult to access. In which case, problem solved, we got George Graham Sisterlocks product distributor in the UK.
The new formulated starter shampoo again contains no harsh ingredients, just good stuff. I'm quite particular about shampoos and don't necessarily think SLs products are the only thing one can use. However, I was truly impressed with both ingredients and performance of the Salon shampoo.


Anonymous said...

So Ofo ... why did you like it? hydrating, soft? moisturised?

Did you like it enough to pay that price?

hmmm .... George ... now where IS that number....?
Nai ...x (for some reason blogger wont let me post comment!!)

anthia-ofo said...

Nai this happened to me a while back. I had to keep posting as anon. Somehow corrected itself...shampoo-It's hydrating. Cleaned the locs,ut didn't strip it.Only needed a little(only reason to pay that price)Mine will last ages.

Anonymous said...

I stopped using SL products, not impressed with their customer service, not even my consultant had good luck with them plus there are other good shampoos to use that are sold in the shops in the U.K. Getting in touch with the Home office is like finding aliens in the back of your garden.....pretty non existent!

anthia-ofo said...

Den, I know the feeling. It took 3 months to recieve the reconstructor&moisture treatment.I tried to buy 'that hair thing' and gave up( it was too ridiculous to-ing and fro-ing). Customer service doens't seem to exist. It's a joke to insist ppl use only SL products when finding them is like finding aliens. My point though is this: now that we have a SL distributor in the UK, will folks be using the SL products or we're just fine using our alternatives thank-you-very-much?

Kayla said...

What are the ingredients?

anthia-ofo said...

Kayla, I mentioned the ingredients in a blog post.

anthia-ofo said...

-Sorry I meant in this blog post.