Thursday, 4 August 2011

reTi and loc styling

My reTi was finished this week. We took a break last week as George had a full install to do. One thing, you can't hurry George. He's a perfectionist and he's got to do it right. There's was a little portion left to do so his wife Charlene finished it and then...washed my hair and gave me a temporary style
so when I take it out I should have another crinkly style.

This was a 2 min style I did before to get locs off my was so hot.

Shows how long my locs are getting eh? I got 7 new locs starting. My hair is growing back bc of Jesus inside me lol lol. It's true. this manageress at the post office(I was enquiring about opening an A/C) wanted to know why I looked young. I told it was about Jesus. She sat me down and I spent the next 35 min telling her how much Jesus loved her and how she could receive him too. She said 'I believe'.


Thandi said...

Amen! And thank God for witnessing opportunities. I marvel at how long your hair has grown!pure beauty.

anthia-ofo said...

Thx Thandi. Yes thank God we get to share Jesus. Ppl are hungry for the truth.